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Corruption at port

Kategoria: Biznes i finanse
Kanał: Business Daily
Data: 18 kwietnia 2024, 1:01
Poziom: B1-B2 (średnio zaawansowany)

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It’s estimated that 90% of traded goods travel over the oceans. But for the seafarers who make that happen, it’s not always an easy process. Thousands of incidents of corruption within the industry have been reported to the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network, who in this episode, tell Ruth Alexander what they’re doing to help the problem. Seafarers can often be put in an impossible position, and one former captain tells us how he was arrested at gunpoint after refusing to hand over a carton of cigarettes to officials.

(Picture: A bird's eye view of a container ship at sea. Credit: Getty Images)

Presenter: Ruth Alexander Producer: Izzy Greenfield