Business Daily

Solving the World's Plastic Problem

Dodany: 16 marca 2018


Many of us are aware of the problems that plastics pose for the environment. Today we hear about some of the solutions that businesses are finding to prevent quite so much of it ending up in...

Russian Money, British Sanctions

Dodany: 15 marca 2018


Can the UK afford to impose financial sanctions on Russia, and how will they play into Russia's presidential election this weekend? Manuela Saragosa visits Eaton Square in London - known as "Red...

Hormones: Oestrogen and the Menopause

Dodany: 14 marca 2018


Menopause is a milestone in every woman's life that can bring tiredness, discomfort and poor concentration. And there are more older women in the workforce than ever before. Yet few workplaces even...

West Africa: Youth and Ambition

Dodany: 13 marca 2018


Africa has the youngest population of any continent in the world and that figure is expected to double in less than 30 years. The BBC's Tamasin Ford travels across three countries to hear from...

China's Internet Privacy Clampdown

Dodany: 12 marca 2018


Beijing says it will block all VPNs - the software commonly used to circumvent the country's online censors - by the end of this month. Manuela Saragosa asks whether it's even technologically...

Brexit Trade Bewilderment

Dodany: 9 marca 2018


Businesses express their frustration at the continuing uncertainty over future trade relations, with just one year left to go until Britain leaves the European Union. Tanya Beckett reports from the...

How Women Got Squeezed out of Tech

Dodany: 8 marca 2018


Women dominated the early days of programming - so how did men take over, and what can be done to balance things out again? Manuela Saragosa charts the female history of computing, starting with...

Inside Russia's Troll Farm

Dodany: 7 marca 2018


The story of one worker in Russia's propaganda business. Russian journalist Vitaly Bespalov spent three months working at the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg - the internet troll farm...

Facebook's Annus Horribilis

Dodany: 6 marca 2018


Facebook has faced a tough couple of years. 2017 was a bit of an annus horribilis for the company. It's under attack on many fronts - accused of spreading fake news, disregarding safety and...

Fixing America's Healthcare Crisis

Dodany: 5 marca 2018


As the cost of healthcare soars in America, Jane O' Brien explores whether it could become a luxury only the wealthy can afford. Jane reports from Baltimore where the gap in life expectancy between...

Trump's Steel Tariffs

Dodany: 2 marca 2018


US President Donald Trump announces taxes on steel and aluminium imports, causing sparks to fly and markets to melt, but his core voters seem happy. The BBC's Joe Miller reports from the...

Italians First!

Dodany: 1 marca 2018


Anti-immigrant rhetoric and extravagant spending promises fill the airways, as Italy prepares for its general election. But can this debt-laden, low-growth country afford it all? The BBC's Mike...

Counting Calories

Dodany: 28 lutego 2018


Should the food industry do more to encourage us to eat less? Elizabeth Hotson reports on efforts to curb calorie intake in the UK, while Manuela Saragosa speaks to Brian Elbel, a population health...

Sex Workers in Sierra Leone

Dodany: 27 lutego 2018


The experience of sex workers in one aid-dependent country. Ed Butler speaks to Julie Sesay from Advocaid, a charity in Sierra Leone, about the challenges facing sex workers there, as well as Zara,...

Sierra Leone's Economic Struggle

Dodany: 26 lutego 2018


As the country prepares for elections, Ed Butler visits Sierra Leone to find out how people are feeling about the economy as it fights back following the devastating Ebola outbreak. Ed speaks to...

Living in a Box

Dodany: 23 lutego 2018


Why has urban housing become so unaffordable around the world? Are rich international investors from China and elsewhere to blame? Manuela Saragosa speaks to architect James Law about the horror of...

Is Britain Ready for Brexit?

Dodany: 22 lutego 2018


There are few signs of preparation for a potential hard border on the English Channel, with just 400 days left until the UK formally leaves the European Union. Nick Robinson reports from Calais,...

The New Philanthropists

Dodany: 21 lutego 2018


Tech billionaires are taking philanthropy to a new level. Manuela Saragosa speaks to David Callahan, philanthropy watcher and author of The Givers: Wealth, Power, and Philanthropy in a New Gilded...

Yemen: Trade in Wartime

Dodany: 20 lutego 2018


Business Daily hears remarkable stories from Yemen's civil war. The tens of thousands of African economic migrants risking everything each year to travel into the world's worst humanitarian crisis....


Dodany: 19 lutego 2018


Meet the transhumanists. They're tech enthusiasts who augment their own bodies with chips, magnets and chemical enhancements. Jane Wakefield talks to a woman who buries magnets under her skin to...