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Toilet Equality

Dodany: 17 listopada 2017


"Potty parity" is no laughing matter for women in India and throughout the world, for whom open defecation is a threat to their health and their personal safety. With World Toilet Day coming up on...

Zimbabwe: Back in Business?

Dodany: 16 listopada 2017


Might the political change in Harare finally enable one of Africa's most blighted economies finally to achieve its potential? Presenter Ed Butler charts Zimbabwe's downfall over the past two...

Banks and Brexit

Dodany: 15 listopada 2017


Will London's financial centre survive brexit? Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg says yes. Plus: David Lowe, head of international trade at the law firm Gowling WLG, describes how the world...

Moderators: The Internet's Most Gruesome Job?

Dodany: 14 listopada 2017


Humans are filtering the web's darkest content, but what effect is it having on the content moderators and can AI ever take over the job? Dhruti Shah is a journalist who moderated content for the...

How to Dress, Sit and Scrawl at Work

Dodany: 13 listopada 2017


The way you sit, the clothes you wear, the doodles you draw - what message are you sending to your employer and your colleagues without you even saying a word? Presenter Manuela Saragosa is made...

Tax Paradise Mauritius?

Dodany: 10 listopada 2017


The Paradise Papers suggest that the island state may be acting as an anonymous low-tax gateway into Africa. That is the accusation - denied by Mauritius' government - put to presenter Ed Butler by...

China's Hunger for Seafood

Dodany: 9 listopada 2017


Are the oceans big enough to keep up with Chinese demand? And is fish farming the answer? Presenter Laurence Knight visits Shanghai's gigantic fish market, where seafood importer Peng Song explains...

Doing Business in China

Dodany: 8 listopada 2017


As Donald Trump visits China, Ed Butler reports from Shanghai on the continued challenge of doing business for foreign firms there. American internet entrepreneur Michael Michelini shares his...

Paradise Papers: Apple's Secret Tax Bolthole

Dodany: 7 listopada 2017


There's been another round of revelations from the Paradise Papers - the leaked documents from a big offshore law firm. The leaks put Apple's tax affairs under scrutiny. The company shopped around...

Paradise Papers: Secrets of the Global Elite

Dodany: 6 listopada 2017


A huge new leak of financial documents has revealed how the powerful and ultra-wealthy, including the British Queen's private estate, secretly invest vast amounts of cash in offshore tax havens....

Migrant Stories: Reasons to Stay

Dodany: 3 listopada 2017


What happens to migrants after they’ve returned home? What opportunities are there for them in the places they’ve left? And are their stories of the shocking reality of travelling ‘The Back Way’ to...

Migrant Stories: The Bittersweet Return

Dodany: 2 listopada 2017


For every migrant who makes it to Europe, dozens fail to complete what can be a difficult and dangerous journey. Marie Keyworth travels to Senegal to hear the stories of two men who did not make it...

Talking to Robots

Dodany: 1 listopada 2017


Chatbots and artificial intelligence: The challenge of making robots sound human. Ed Butler speaks to Bruce Lee, senior director of artificial intelligence research at Ant Financial in China - one...

Young and In Business

Dodany: 31 października 2017


Juggling school work and running your own business: Two successful 15-year old entrepreneurs share their experiences. Izzi Dymalovski founded her skin care brand 'Luv Ur Skin' in Australia when she...

Infrastructure: Is Bigger Better?

Dodany: 30 października 2017


When it comes to roads, bridges and buildings, are bigger infrastructure projects better? Ed Butler reports from on board China's fast-expanding rail network, and Manuela Saragosa speaks to Bent...

Iceland: Too Many Tourists?

Dodany: 27 października 2017


Iceland has seen an explosion in tourism in recent years. But at what cost? Edwin Lane speaks to Grimur Saemundsen, chief executive of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, a geothermal tourist attraction....

Facebook vs Democracy

Dodany: 26 października 2017


Do Facebook, Google and Twitter have a conflict of interests when it comes to stopping Russia and others from manipulating public opinion and stoking conflict around the world? Presenter Ed Butler...

Feedback Fatigue

Dodany: 25 października 2017


Why do companies demand our feedback and reviews, for everything from a flight to a $5 Amazon purchase? Ed Butler asks Mike Petrook, director of corporate affairs at the UK's Institute of Customer...

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Dodany: 24 października 2017


What can women, and men, do if their boss behaves inappropriately towards them? What legal recourse do they have? And why do so few speak out? Presenter Ed Butler hears the testimonies of several...

Kenya Elections: What Next?

Dodany: 23 października 2017


Can Kenya's controversial election go ahead and what has the impact already been on the economy? The BBC's Ferdinand Omondi reports from Nairobi where economists are warning that the negative...