What’s happening to the gaming business?

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Data: 8 kwietnia 2024, 1:01
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Tens of thousands of people in the video game industry have lost their jobs in the past year.

The industry itself is valued around 200 billion dollars - one of the biggest in the world. And last year saw some of the biggest releases so far. So with so much success, why are there so many struggles? We speak to two workers who recently lost their jobs in the industry, and hear about the effect it’s had on their lives. Tech expert Matthew Ball tells us why there’s a simultaneous battle between success and struggle, and whether it’ll get any worse. But it’s not all bad news. There’s a lot of opportunity out there for smaller gaming companies in some parts of the world. William Sampson of Roro Interactive tells us why he thinks the future is positive.

(Picture: A rear-view shot of a young woman sitting at a desk playing a video game, she is using a mouse and keyboard and wearing a headset. Credit: Getty Images)

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