Business Daily meets: ILO Director-General Gilbert Houngbo

Kategoria: Biznes i finanse
Kanał: Business Daily
Data: 29 marca 2024, 1:01
Poziom: B1-B2 (średnio zaawansowany)

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Founded in 1901, the International Labour Organisation works with governments of over 180 countries, to help promote internationally recognised labour rights. In all of its 105 year-history, Gilbert F. Houngbo is the first African to be in charge of the UN agency.

In this programme, the ILO leader talks to Rahul Tandon about what he's doing to try to tackle some of the biggest global challenges the world currently faces - from unemployment, to migration, to artificial intelligence.

And we hear about Mr Houngbo's own journey; from a rural upbringing, to studying in Canada, and how he felt when he was asked to serve as Prime Minister of Togo.

(Picture: Gilbert F. Houngbo. Credit: Violaine Martin/ILO)

Presenter: Rahul Tandon Producer: Amber Mehmood and Olie D'Albertanson