Is it okay to be mediocre at work?

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Kanał: Business Daily
Data: 29 lutego 2024, 1:01
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The idea of settling for ‘good enough’ and being mediocre at work is not new… but the case for prioritising other things apart from work has grown rapidly since the pandemic – and hashtags like #lazygirljob have been getting millions of views on TikTok.

We find out what mediocrity means for staff and employers, and speak to workers who are embracing this new attitude.

We hear from Jaime Ducharme, Time Magazine journalist who wrote an article about mediocrity in the workplace, Gabrielle Judge who started #lazygirljob on TikTok, and Dr Thomas Curran from the London School of Economics.

Produced and presented by Clare Williamson

(Image: A woman looking bored at work. Credit: Getty Images)