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Beauty Costs: A spotlight on skin lightening

Kategoria: Biznes i finanse
Kanał: Business Daily
Data: 29 listopada 2022, 9:32
Poziom: B1-B2 (średnio zaawansowany)

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Products that claim to lighten skin are often physically harmful, often containing toxic chemicals and dangerous ingredients. In today’s episode of business daily, we’ll look at why skin lightening products still exist, speak to people affected by their messaging, and find out why stopping sales is not as simple as it might seem. We’ll hear from Professor Mire, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Carleton in Ottawa, Canada. She suggests that terms like "glow" and "brightening," which are increasingly used by cosmetics firms as substitutes, are as steeped in colonial and racial narratives as the words they're replacing. She believes the branding of these products continues to exploit historic and racialized associations between skin tone and status. Chandana from Mumbai tells us what it was like to live in a society where she was pressured to have lighter skin, and Professor Adbi from the Singapore Business Schools explains why he believes that companies are promoting beauty ideals linked to lighter skin, and fuelling demand that could indirectly put people’s health at risk. Producer and presenter: Izzy Greenfield (Image: Skin lightening products / Credit: Getty)