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How to diversify your child's bookshelf with Sailaja Joshi

Kategoria: Poradniki i samorozwój
Kanał: The Mighty Mommy's Quick and Dirty Tips for Practical Parenting
Data: 11 lipca 2022, 7:40
Poziom: C1-C2 (zaawansowany)

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Does your child’s bookshelf have many books featuring communities, identities, and abilities outside of their own? Do you know what kind of messaging to look out for when choosing books for kids? Dr. Nanika Coor interviews Sailaja Joshi, founder of a publishing house that focuses on South Asian stories, about the importance of diversity and inclusion in children’s literature. 

Project Parenthood is hosted by Dr. Nanika Coor. A transcript is available at Simplecast.

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