This Week in Google

TWiG 495: Get Yourself a Harvard Man

Dodany: 14 lutego 2019

Articles 11 and 13 are Back & Worse than Ever What if Google Won't Pay Fines?Amazon Buys Eero: Is this the PanopticonApple's Plans to Screw Over PublishersLife Without Google, Facebook, Amazon,...

TWiG 494: Commodified

Dodany: 7 lutego 2019

I Made Queso!Spotify Buys Gimlet and AnchorFacebook at 15Why Publishing DiedAlphabet Q1 EarningsVerily Opens Opioid Rehab, Makes Smart ShoesMarshmello's Fortnite ConcertChrome Password Checker...

TWiG 493: The Dork Face Problem

Dodany: 31 stycznia 2019

Google IO dates are announced.Features for Android Q include a new face-detection API.Google makes a big hire that is all about bringing Fuchsia to market.Gmail for Android gets a redesign but it...

TWiG 492: What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Viral

Dodany: 24 stycznia 2019

France fines Google €50M for GDPR violations, Google appeals.Amazon issues workers vests to keep robots from harming them.Millions of mortgage docs leak online.Viacom buys Pluto TV for...

TWiG 491: A Faust Without a Devil

Dodany: 17 stycznia 2019

• Facebook's 10 Year Photo Challenge: Threat or Menace?
• The Best of the Rest at CES 2019
• Google and WordPress Make News
• Who is Watching Your Doorbell Videos?
• The Google Changelog: RCS...

TWiG 490: A Controlled Ink Leak

Dodany: 10 stycznia 2019

Google Assistant is everywhere at CES 2019, including an amusement park ride.Facebook opens its political ads archive, showing who is targeting you and how much they spent.Don't blame millennials:...

TWiG 489: I'm An Engineer, Darn It!

Dodany: 3 stycznia 2019

Facebook hopes for a better 2019 after a public image drubbing in 2018.Google's Waymo Under Fire in Arizona - Literally.Your cell phone has a huge security flaw, and there is no plan to fix it.How...

TWiG 488: The Year's Best

Dodany: 26 grudnia 2018

A look back at the biggest tech stories of 2018.
Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Stacey Higginbotham
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TWiG 487: You're Filling It Wrong

Dodany: 20 grudnia 2018

Google takes Manhattan Almost 50% of Google's workers are temps, contractors, or vendors. Facebook vs New York Times Harassment on Twitter Jack Dorsey's beard shavings, Azalia Banks, and ISIS A...

TWiG 486: The Road to Nunavut

Dodany: 13 grudnia 2018

Huawei CFO gets bail in Canada, awaits extradition to USChina detains Canadian ex-diplomat in retaliationMarriott breach blamed on ChinaNo Chinese spy chips found on Super Micro servers Google CEO...

TWiG 485: The French Connection

Dodany: 6 grudnia 2018

When will Google kill Hangouts? Definitely not until after it kills Allo, but (probably) before it kills Android Messages. Pixel Slate pros and cons. Pixel 3 XL review after a month of use: still...

TWiG 484: We're All Post-Natal Now

Dodany: 29 listopada 2018

At their re:Invent conference, Amazon makes dozens of announcements about AWS, machine learning, the blockchain, ARM chips, and more.Big Mouth Billy Bass is now compatible with Alexa.Cyber Monday...

TWiG 483: Punch Me in the Hövding

Dodany: 22 listopada 2018

Google News may abandon Europe over link tax Alphabet's Verily gives up on glucose-sensing contact lenses Alphabet also gives up on bipedal robotsIs this the Pixel 3 Lite? • Google patents VR...

TWiG 482: Queso Morphines

Dodany: 15 listopada 2018

Google ends forced arbitration for sexual harassment claimsThe woman behind Google designWaymo will launch driverless car serviceGoogle AI helps New York Times get a handle on its vast photo...

TWiG 481: Stoned on Cheese

Dodany: 8 listopada 2018

The Samsung Developers Conference Keynote features a foldable phone, SmartThings IoT, and Bixby innovations.Android will support foldable phones.Google employees stage a walkout over sexual...

TWiG 480: Oyez, Oyez, Oyez

Dodany: 31 października 2018

Andy Rubin has a $90M payout! Is the culture at Nexflix too cut throat? Who is the the No. 3 digital-ad seller in the country? You might be surprised. All the journalists from a new media website...

TWiG 479: It's a Sugar Speedball!

Dodany: 25 października 2018

Google Home Hub First Look ReviewPixel 3's many nit-picky issuesTitan M security chipPixel 3 Qi Charger DRM? Not so fast.10 years of AndroidTim Cook loves privacy, hates BloombergPicks of the...

TWiG 478: When a Doorbell Rings, a Roti Gets its Wings

Dodany: 18 października 2018

Leo's Pixel 3 has arrived and he takes us through a quick overview. YouTube went down - oh no! Google Home Hub vs. the Lenovo Smart Display. Facebook Portal - How can Leo cancel his order? Google...

TWiG 477: Rotimatic

Dodany: 11 października 2018

Kevin Tofel has the Pixel 3 XL, and gives us his first impressions. #1: Best. Photos. Ever.Pixel Slate: should you dump your laptop and get this?Google Home Hub: simplifying the smart home.Facebook...

TWiG 476: Warm and Defeated

Dodany: 4 października 2018

20 Years of GoogleGoogle Assistant gets a makeoverInstagram "reality"Assassin's Creed streaming in ChromeSo, so many leaksUS DOJ vs CA on Net Neutrality"AI written" adsPicks of the WeekLeo's Pick:...