This Week in Google

TWiG 405: Google I/O

Dodany: 18 maja 2017


Leo Laporte, Jason Howell, and Jeff Jarvis report live from Google I/O to discuss today's keynote. Stacey Higginbotham joins them from Austin, TX.
Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey...

TWiG 404: Leo Not Found

Dodany: 11 maja 2017


Amazon announces the Echo Show, an Echo with a touch screen and video calling functionality. Google I/O is next week - what will we see? Guest host Jason Howell demonstrates the Dex, Samsung's...

TWiG 403: Leo Has Shared a Google Doc With You

Dodany: 4 maja 2017


Don't fall for the latest Google Docs phishing scam! How Google measures quality and authority. Alphabet quarterly earnings. Pixel head says goodbye after 6 months. Twitter wants to be TV. Hulu...

TWiG 402: Garanimal House

Dodany: 27 kwietnia 2017


Google will change search to favor quality, reliability, and authority. But what is "quality?" Amazon Look is an Echo with a camera and sharp fashion sense. Goodbye, Net Neutrality. Twitter beats...

TWiG 401: A New Interface Paradigm for Your Friends

Dodany: 20 kwietnia 2017


At Facebook's F8 developer Conference, Mark Zuckerberg and team announced their new focus on augmented reality, hanging out in virtual reality, Messenger bots, millimeter wave radio internet, VR...

TWiG 400: Toot, Not Tweet

Dodany: 13 kwietnia 2017


Burger King's new ad sets off Google Home on purpose. Mastodon is great, but it's not a Twitter killer. Facebook's $14 million investment in reputable news. How to keep from being dragged off a...

TWiG 399: Oath It!

Dodany: 6 kwietnia 2017


YouTube TV launches in 5 US cities with a sports-heavy lineup that could end cable dominance once and for all. Google will combine Google Home and mesh Wi-Fi. Facial Recognition will end all...

TWiG 398: None More Black

Dodany: 30 marca 2017


Leo is out - Jason Howell dives into the Android O Developer Preview. Samsung announced the bezel-free Galaxy S8 today, along with a new Gear 360, Connect Home router, and virtual assistant Bixby....

TWiG 397: Mama Needs a Drink

Dodany: 23 marca 2017


Google's mysterious "Taimen" phone surfaces - is it a Chinese Pixel XL? U.S. bans any electronics larger than a phone for air passengers from 8 Middle Eastern countries. Google is struggling to...

TWiG 396: Mechanical Turking

Dodany: 16 marca 2017


South By Southwest news from Austin local Stacey Higginbotham. 100 announcements from Google Cloud Next. Can Google fix its "one true answer" problem? U.S. charges 4 Russians with Yahoo Hack. The...

TWiG 395: Shake it Like a Polaroid

Dodany: 9 marca 2017


Google's Algorithm is lying to you about Obama, women, and onions. All the News from the Google Cloud Next Conference. Wikileaks' CIA hacking tools and their funny names. Mark Zuckerberg finally...

TWiG 394: Tardigrade Feeding Time

Dodany: 2 marca 2017


No more Pixel laptops. Google's confusing Android Messages strategy hinges on RCS. Uber sued by Waymo and women, and yelled at by its own drivers. Amazon S3 outage. Is posting on Facebook a...

TWiG 393: Echo, Watch Roku

Dodany: 23 lutego 2017


The Facebook funnel of distribution of the internet, the economics of attention with content, Uber "bro-grammers," Google uses machine learning for music, a doll that is capable of spying banned in...

TWiG 392: Buried in the Common Area

Dodany: 16 lutego 2017


DeepMind learns to be aggressive as it gets smarter. Verizon reintroduces unlimited data. Leo reviews the Samsung Chromebook Plus. Amazon releases a Skype competitor called Chime. Space X will...

TWiG 391: Probe Placement Problem

Dodany: 9 lutego 2017


The LG Sport and Style, the first Android 2.0 watches, come out this week. ACLU Amazon Dash Button. Vizio TV settles with FTC for $2.2 million over secret viewer tracking. House passes email...

TWiG 390: Bacon Shortage

Dodany: 2 lutego 2017


Bacon reserves at a 50 year low. Our picks for the best tech billionaires' apocalypse bunker islands. Musical Trump tweets. Club Penguin shuts down. Super scary walking robots with wheels. Facebook...

TWiG 389: Ajit Prop

Dodany: 26 stycznia 2017


Trump's new Chairman of the FCC and the implications for net neutrality. Oscar nominations announced, a first for Amazon. Vine is dead, but you can still watch them. Google I/O and speculation...

TWiG 388: A Doctor in Industry

Dodany: 19 stycznia 2017


Jeff Jarvis' report from the World Economic Forum in Davos. Artificial intelligences of the future. Google smartwatch with Android Wear 2.0 to launch February 9th. The most common passwords of...

TWiG 387: Mommy's Special Shawl

Dodany: 12 stycznia 2017


Stacey's LONG list of great IoT gadgets at CES. The Ara modular smartphone's rise and fall. The death of Google Hangouts API. WayMo makes LIDAR way cheaper. Marissa Mayer to leave Yahoo after sale....

TWiG 386: You Got Something Jammed in There Good

Dodany: 5 stycznia 2017


How targeted ads on Google and Facebook are affecting politics and destroying mass media. CES 2017: Alexa everywhere, Samsung's Chromebook Pro, Asus ZenFones, and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835. Google...