This Week in Google

TWiG 422: The Missing Link

Dodany: 14 września 2017


Qualcomm says Android beats iPhone. Samsung wants a folding phone. Everybody hates Silicon Valley. Especially Facebook. Even more especially the ex-Googlers who founded Bodega. Oxford commas,...

TWiG 421: Not OK, Google

Dodany: 7 września 2017


How important is it for companies to have good morals? Hackers in US power grid. An Oreo deep dive. Essential Phone: beautiful, unfixable. Facebook code controls 16% of the average website. Will...

TWiG 420: Low Irish Talking

Dodany: 31 sierpnia 2017


Use the internet to help hurricane Harvey victims. Leo discovers ASMR. Google takes Tango down a notch with ARCore. New Pixel Phones 10/5. 2017 Eclipse Megamovie. Google Translate crowdsources Mr....

TWiG 419: Foie Gras Lollipop

Dodany: 24 sierpnia 2017


Google partners with Walmart to take on Amazon. Amazon's Whole Foods acquisition clears the FTC. Google Home gets phone calling and Bluetooth features. Supreme Court may have to decide if you can...

TWiG 418: I Want a Three-Tier Tiffen

Dodany: 17 sierpnia 2017


Neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer kicked off Go Daddy, Google, Cloudflare, Twitter, and more. Essential phone will be here next week. Pixel 2 passes the FCC, will feature squeezable sides. Allo on...

TWiG 417: Fire and Furry

Dodany: 10 sierpnia 2017


Google engineer writes men's rights diatribe. Google fires him. Discussion ensues. Also: Deepmind vs. Starcraft, get a new phone every 30 days, Amazon's secret brands, Instagram depression, and the...

TWiG 416: Mr. Nutter Butter Has a Message for You

Dodany: 3 sierpnia 2017


US Digital Service - making government better. Alphabet Q2 earnings up, stocks down. Chrome's ad blocker is available to devs. Not everybody likes Google's plan to track offline sales. Is privacy a...

TWiG 415: Sinkhole Ahead!

Dodany: 27 lipca 2017


No more "OK Google" search on Chromebooks? Facebook profit spikes 71%, laws of Australia trump laws of mathematics? Waze is now on Android Auto, and more.
Hosts: Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis...

TWiG 414: Never a Freshman

Dodany: 20 lipca 2017


Musical Podcasts. Google Glass for Enterprise. New Google Feed. Better Google Analytics. Facebook News Subscription. Amazon Meal Kits, Spark, Treasure Truck, and Outfit Compare. Samsung Bixby...

TWiG 413: You Never Know What's Not Going to Happen

Dodany: 13 lipca 2017


Today is the Net Neutrality Day of Action. Go to and write your congressperson. Also, The Pixel XL 2 may feature a squeezable frame. Allo is coming to the desktop in "a few...

TWiG 412: The Yodeling Pickle

Dodany: 6 lipca 2017


Harassment and discrimination in Silicon Valley. Amazon Dash Wand First look. Health data privacy pros and cons. Facebook tracking its users. Bixby still can't speak English. US partially lifts...

TWiG 411: Dinah Won't You Blow

Dodany: 29 czerwca 2017


EU fines Google €2.42 billion, Canada demands global de-listing. Google News' redesign causes Jeff concern. YouTube Party. Amazon Show unboxing. Facebook hits 2 billion users. Petya ransomware may...

TWiG 410: Addicted to Convenience

Dodany: 22 czerwca 2017


Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods and how it could change grocery stores. The transition from an economy of goods to one of experiences. Uber and Lyft get their way in Texas after refusing to comply...

TWiG 409: Practical Telepathy

Dodany: 15 czerwca 2017


Leo, Jeff, and Stacey are all off this week, so Jason Howell, Ron Richards, and Kevin Marks are in charge. The Essential phone will be a Sprint exclusive, but that doesn't mean you can't buy one...

TWiG 408: Being Internet Awesome

Dodany: 8 czerwca 2017


Google will add a feature to Chrome that will block "bad ads." Meanwhile, Funding Choices will let you pay sites for an ad-free experience. Google helps kids "Be Internet Awesome." Amazon announces...

TWiG 407: Grepping Mary Meeker

Dodany: 1 czerwca 2017


Government's role in online privacy. Mary Meeker's 2017 Internet trends report. Android creator Andy Rubin's new Essential phone. The true meaning of "covfefe." Does Netflix care about Net...

TWiG 406: Call Me Mr. Pruneface

Dodany: 25 maja 2017


Google releases the Jamboard, their smart whiteboard. How Google's ATAP has changed. Google can now track your offline credit card purchases. Why is it so hard to get Android apps on Chromebooks?...

TWiG 405: Google I/O

Dodany: 18 maja 2017


Leo Laporte, Jason Howell, and Jeff Jarvis report live from Google I/O to discuss today's keynote. Stacey Higginbotham joins them from Austin, TX.
Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey...

TWiG 404: Leo Not Found

Dodany: 11 maja 2017


Amazon announces the Echo Show, an Echo with a touch screen and video calling functionality. Google I/O is next week - what will we see? Guest host Jason Howell demonstrates the Dex, Samsung's...

TWiG 403: Leo Has Shared a Google Doc With You

Dodany: 4 maja 2017


Don't fall for the latest Google Docs phishing scam! How Google measures quality and authority. Alphabet quarterly earnings. Pixel head says goodbye after 6 months. Twitter wants to be TV. Hulu...