English as a Second Language Podcast

English Cafe 552

Dodany: 27 kwietnia 2016


Topics: American Presidents – Barack Obama; Famous Songs – “Anchors Aweigh”; diffidence versus timidity versus shyness; receipt versus reception; no problem versus not at all versus no big deal ...

1,150 - Avoiding Topics in Conversation

Dodany: 27 października 2015


Let’s not talk about the topic of today’s episode right now. So, how’s your day going? Slow dialog: 1:25 Explanations: 4:00 Fast dialog: 18:29 Lila: Why aren’t you dating? I have so many friends...

English Cafe #517

Dodany: 26 sierpnia 2015


Topics: Movies – Die Hard; American Authors – Emma Lazarus; in front of versus ahead of versus before; as if versus as though versus as for; to take stock Words: to be separated to give...

English Cafe #490

Dodany: 18 lutego 2015


Topics: Famous Americans – Muhammad Ali; The Golden Gate Bridge; valuable versus invaluable; north/south versus northern/southern; common ground and universal experience Words: to take up...

English Cafe #450

Dodany: 14 maja 2014


Topics: Famous Americans – Charles Schultz and Peanuts; The Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve; to be pleased to versus to be happy to versus it’s (one’s) pleasure to; to sit versus to...

875 - Shopping at the Supermarket

Dodany: 8 marca 2013


Do you ever go to the supermarket without finding what you’re looking for? Learn more about it in this episode. Slow dialog: 1:11 Explanations: 3:17 Fast dialog: 16:18 Stocker: Can I help you find...

867 - Talking About Attractive Men and Women

Dodany: 8 lutego 2013


Take a look in the mirror and see if you recognize yourself in these descriptions of the beautiful people. Slow dialog: 1:30 Explanations: 3:18 Fast dialog: 17:55 Pamela: You know that your tongue...

802 - Talking About Movies

Dodany: 25 czerwca 2012


Lights! Camera! Action! We’re off to the movies. Learn how to talk about seeing a good film in this episode. Slow dialogue: 0:57 Explanations: 2:37 Fast dialogue: 15:35 Martin: What did you think...

600 - Talking About Sight

Dodany: 19 lipca 2010


If you can’t read this, then put on your glasses and listen to this episode on having bad eyes. Slow dialogue: 1:07 Explanations: 2:45 Fast dialogue: 15:19 Sue: This medication I’m taking is...

124 - Asking for Clarification in a Business Meeting

Dodany: 28 stycznia 2006


Learn how to ask for clarification in English in this podcast. Slow dialog: 0:54 Explanations: 2:29 Fast dialog: 12:46 I was negotiating a contract with a new business partner, and we had a meeting...

110 - Hotel Reservations

Dodany: 20 grudnia 2005


Learn how to make a hotel reservation in English in this podcast. Slow dialog: 1:27 Explanations: 4:21 Fast dialog: 14:53 I just finished a huge project at work and I needed some down time. I...