Security Now!

SN 637: Schneier on Equifax

Dodany: 15 listopada 2017


This week we discuss why Steve won't be relying upon Face ID for security, a clever new hack of longstanding NTFS and Windows behavior, the Vault8 WikiLeaks news, the predictable resurgence of the...

SN 636: ROCA Pain

Dodany: 8 listopada 2017


This week we discuss the inevitable dilution in the value of code signing, a new worrisome cross-site privacy leakage, is Unix embedded in all our motherboards? The ongoing application spoofing...

SN 635: Reaper Redux

Dodany: 1 listopada 2017


This week we examine the source of WannaCry, a new privacy feature for Firefox, Google's planned removal of HPKP, the idea of visual objects as a second factor, an iOS camera privacy concern, the...

SN 634: IoT Flash Botnets

Dodany: 25 października 2017


This week we discuss some ROCA fallout specifics, an example of PRNG misuse, the Kaspersky Lab controversy, a DNS security initiative for Android, another compromised download occurrence, a...

SN 633: KRACKing WiFi

Dodany: 18 października 2017


This week, we examine ROCA's easily factorable public keys, the surprising prevalence of web-based cryptocurrency mining, some interesting work in iOS password dialog spoofing, Google's Advanced...

SN 632: The DNSSEC Challenge

Dodany: 11 października 2017


This week we take a look at a well-handled breach-response at Disqus, a rather horrifying mistake Apple made in the implementation of their APFS encryption (and the difficulty to the user of fully...

SN 631: Private Contact Discovery

Dodany: 4 października 2017


This week we discuss some aspects of iOS v11, the emergence of browser hijack cryptocurrency mining, new information about the Equifax hack, Google security research and Gmail improvements,...

SN 630: The Great DOM Fuzz-Off

Dodany: 26 września 2017


This week, Father Robert and Steve follow more Equifax breach fallout, look at encryption standards blowback from the Edward Snowden revelations, examine more worrisome news of the CCleaner breach,...

SN 629: Apple Bakes Cookies

Dodany: 20 września 2017


This week Padre and Steve discuss what was up with Security Now's recent audio troubles, more on the Equifax Fiasco, the EFF & Cory Doctorow weigh in on forthcoming browser encrypted media...

SN 628: Equifax Fiasco

Dodany: 13 września 2017


This week we discuss last Friday's passing of our dear friend and colleague Jerry Pournelle, when AI is turned to evil purpose, whether and when Google's Chrome browser will warn of man in the...

SN 627: Sharknado

Dodany: 6 września 2017


(Although there are an unbelievable FIVE Sharknado movies, this will be the first and last time we use that title for a podcast!) This week we have another update on Marcus Hutchins, we discuss the...

SN 626: Shattering Trust

Dodany: 30 sierpnia 2017


This week we cover a bit of the ongoing drama surrounding Marcus Hutchins, examine a reported instance of interagency hacking, follow the evolving market for 0-day exploits, examine trouble arising...

SN 625: Security Politics

Dodany: 23 sierpnia 2017


This week we discuss the continuing Marcus Hutchins drama, the disclosure of a potentially important Apple secret, a super-cool website and browser extension our listeners are going to appreciate,...

SN 624: Twelve and Counting

Dodany: 16 sierpnia 2017


This week we have a Marcus Hutchins update, the backstory on the NIST's rewrite of their 15-year-old password guidance, can DNA be used to hack a computer? Can stop sign graffiti be used to...

SN 623: Inching Forward

Dodany: 9 sierpnia 2017


This week we discuss and look into DigiCert's acquisition of Symantec's certificate authority business unit, LogMeIn's LastPass Premium price hike, the troubling case of Marcus Hutchins'...

SN 622: Hack the Vote

Dodany: 2 sierpnia 2017


This week we look at the expected DEF CON fallout including the hacking of US election voting machines, Microsoft's enhanced bug bounty program, the wormification of the Broadcom WiFi firmware...

SN 621: Crypto Tension

Dodany: 26 lipca 2017


We start off this week with a fabulous picture of the week and for the first time in this podcast's 12-year history, our first quote of the week. Then we'll be discussing the chilling effects of...

SN 620: Calm Before the Storm

Dodany: 19 lipca 2017


This week, while waiting for news from the upcoming BlackHat & DefCon conventions, we discuss another terrific security eBook bundle offer, a Net Neutrality follow-up, a MySpace account recovery...

SN 619: All the Usual Suspects

Dodany: 12 lipca 2017


This week we have all the usual suspects: Governments regulating their citizenry, evolving Internet standards, some brilliant new attack mitigations and some new side-channel attacks, browsers...

SN 618: Research: Useful and Otherwise

Dodany: 28 czerwca 2017


This week we discuss another terrific NIST initiative, RSA crypto in a quantum computing world, Cisco's specious malware detection claims, the meaning of post-audit OpenVPN bug findings, worrisome...