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SN 597: Traitors In Our Midst

Dodany: 1 lutego 2017


The best "I'm not a Robot" video ever, Cisco's WebEx problem is far more pervasive than first believed, more bad news (and maybe some good news) for Netgear, Gmail adds .js to the no-no list, a...

SN 596: Password Complexity

Dodany: 25 stycznia 2017


Symantec issues additional invalid certificates while on probation, Tavis Ormandy finds a very troubling problem in Cisco's Web conferencing extension for Chrome, yesterday's important update to...

SN 595: What's Up with WhatsApp?

Dodany: 18 stycznia 2017


A classic bug at GoDaddy bypassed domain validation for 8850 issued certificates, could flashing a peace sign compromise your biometric data?, it's not only new IoT devices that may tattle, many...

SN 594: A Look Into PHP Malware

Dodany: 11 stycznia 2017


The US Federal Trade Commission steps into the IoT and home networking malpractice world, a radio station learns a lesson in what words NOT to repeat, Google plans to even eliminate the checkbox, a...

SN 593: I'm NOT a Robot! (Really)

Dodany: 4 stycznia 2017


Law enforcement and the Internet of Tattling things, a very worrisome new and widespread PHP eMail vulnerability, Paul and Mary Jo score a big concession from Microsoft, a six-year-old "hacker"...

SN 592: The Portable Dog Killer

Dodany: 27 grudnia 2016


Steve Gibson tells how he built a device at 16 years old to solve a problem with a neighborhood dog.Original podcast date: May 13, 2010, Episode 248.
Hosts: Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

SN 591: Law Meets Internet

Dodany: 21 grudnia 2016


This week, Leo and Steve discuss Russia's hacking involvement in the US Election; that, incredibly, it gets even worse for Yahoo!, misguided anti-porn legislation in South Carolina, troubling...

SN 590: Your Questions, Steve's Answers 245

Dodany: 14 grudnia 2016


This week, Leo and Steve discuss ticket-buying bots getting their hand slapped (do they have hands?), a truly nasty new addition to encrypting ransomware operation, a really dumb old problem...

SN 589: Your Questions, Steve's Answers 244

Dodany: 7 grudnia 2016


Leo and Steve discuss Android meeting Gooligan, Windows Upgrades bypass Bitlocker, nearly one million UK routers taken down by a Mirai variant, the popular AirDroid app is "Doing it wrong",...

SN 588: Your Questions, Steve's Answers 243

Dodany: 30 listopada 2016


A wonderful quote about random numbers, our standard interesting mix of security do's and dont's, new exploits (WordPress dodged a big bullet!), planned changes, tips & tricks, things to patch, a...

SN 587: Mobile & IoT Nightmares

Dodany: 23 listopada 2016


Samy Kamkar is back with a weaponized $5 RaspberryPI. "El Cheapo" Android phones bring new meaning to "Phoning it in". Watching a webcam getting taken over. Bruce Schneier speaks to Congress about...

SN 586: The BlackNurse Attack

Dodany: 16 listopada 2016


Results from our listener's informal CAIDA spoofing testing. LessPass turned out to be even less than it appeared. Steve's day at Yubico. News from PwnFest & Mobile Pwn2Own. The probable...

SN 585: The Windows AtomBomb

Dodany: 9 listopada 2016


Leo and I discuss the answer to last week’s security & privacy puzzler, Let's Encrypt Squarespace, the new open source "LessPass" app, LastPass goes mobile-free, many problems with OAuth, popular...

SN 584: Your Questions, Steve's Answers 242

Dodany: 2 listopada 2016


Leo and Steve discuss an oh-so-subtle side-channel attack on Intel processors, the quest for verifiable hacker-proof code (which oh-so-subtle side-channel attacks on processors can exploit...


Dodany: 26 października 2016


Leo and Steve discuss last week's major attack on DNS, answering the question of whether the Internet is still working?, we look at Linux's worrisome "Dirty COW" bug rediscovered in the kernel...

SN 582: Your Questions, Steve's Answers 241

Dodany: 19 października 2016


Hosts: Leo Laporte, Steve Gibson
Leo and Steve discuss some serious concerns raised over compelled biometric authentication, a detailed dive into the recently completed audit of VeraCrypt (the...

SN 581: Yahoo and Primal Worries

Dodany: 12 października 2016


Hosts: Leo Laporte, Steve Gibson
Leo and Steve discuss today's Windows update changes for 7 and 8.1, an exploit purchaser offers a $1.5 million bounty for iOS hacks, WhisperSystems encounter first...

SN 580: Your Questions, Steve's Answers 240

Dodany: 4 października 2016


Hosts: Steve Gibson, Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ
An "update" on Microsoft's GWX remover, an encouraging direction for the Windows 10 Edge browser, HP's "security update" blocks non-HP ink cartridges, a...

SN 579: DDoS, Breaches and Other Records To Be Broken

Dodany: 28 września 2016


Hosts: Steve Gibson, Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ
Brian Krebs forced to move from Akamai to Google's Project Shield, Yahoo's record-breaking, massive 500 million user data breach, Apple's acknowledged...

SN 578: GRC’s XSS Adventure

Dodany: 21 września 2016


Hosts: Steve Gibson, Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ
Concerns over a significant expansion in effectively warrantless intrusion into end-user computers, the forthcoming change in Internet governance,...