This Week in Tech

TWiT 637: 11 Verified Herbs and Spices

Dodany: 23 października 2017


Pixel 2 first look. Apple innovation. Twitter will end hate speech next week. Bixby in the kitchen, Cortana in the living room. KRACK is bad, ROCA is worse. Netflix will spend $8 million on...

TWiT 636: A Fat Suit for Your Phone

Dodany: 16 października 2017


The New York Times clamps down on social media. Twitter will clamp down on hate. Qualcomm drags China into its fight with Apple. Google drags Target into its fight with Amazon. TransUnion drags...

TWiT 635: Benji's Bag of Dongles

Dodany: 9 października 2017


The guy who created the like button now says it's dangerously addictive. Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos says press doesn't understand how hard it is to prevent voter manipulation....

TWiT 634: An Apple Watch Walks Into a Bar

Dodany: 2 października 2017


Is the iPhone X killing iPhone 8 sales? How do you turn on the FM chip in the iPhone 8? (You can't.) How do you turn off the Bluetooth in the Apple Watch (You can , but it's harder than you think.)...

TWiT 633: Future Proof This Kid

Dodany: 25 września 2017


Uber's new CEO says that there is a "high cost to a bad reputation" after London kicks it to the curb. Apple's iPhone 8 comes out to less fanfare than usual; Apple Watch has LTE issues. ARKit's...

TWiT 632: Smartest Dumb People in the World

Dodany: 18 września 2017


Apple's new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X don't win over the TWiT panel. Will Google's Pixel 2? Facebook's election-rigging issues won't go away. Google appeals a record fine from the EU just as it gets a...

TWiT 631: This One's for Jerry

Dodany: 11 września 2017


Apple will release the new iPhones on Tuesday. Thanks to leaks, we already know most of the details - does this spoil Apple's big day? Red Sox busted for using Apple Watch to steal signals from the...

TWiT 630: Moving at the Speed of Paper

Dodany: 4 września 2017


On September 12th, Apple will hold the its first event in the new Steve Jobs Theater. Predicted to appear: the new iPhone 8, a 4K Apple TV, and an LTE Apple Watch. Does Google have the power to...

TWiT 629: When in Doubt, Hit the Raccoon

Dodany: 28 sierpnia 2017


Will Meg Whitman Be Uber's next CEO? Germany decides when it is okay for self-driving cars to kill people, and which people they should kill. Android Oreo is official. Samsung releases the Galaxy...

TWiT 628: Trash Analytics

Dodany: 21 sierpnia 2017


Next week: All the Android you can handle! Google to launch Android O. Essential Phone arrives. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 announcement. Squeeze the Pixel 2. Is "google" the next "escalator"? Jeff...

TWiT 627: Do You Inkwell?

Dodany: 14 sierpnia 2017


Leo, Ashley Esqueda, Michael Nunez, and Dylan Tweney debunk the "Google Memo." Mark Zuckerberg still refuses to admit he is running for president. If you use Instagram's "Inkwell" filter, you are...

TWiT 626: CEO Barbie

Dodany: 7 sierpnia 2017


WannaCry hero pinched by the feds: should infosec professionals avoid the US? Google's internal anti-diversity viral memo: women can't code? Vic Gundotra: iPhone photos beat Android and DSLR? Did...

TWiT 625: Walking to the Bodega

Dodany: 31 lipca 2017


Apple pays $506 million and €1.7 billion for patent infringements. Trump says that Apple will build 3 big plants in the US; Apple declines to comment. Apple kills the iPod Nano and Shuffle. Coders...

TWiT 624: There's A Real Argy Bargy Going On

Dodany: 24 lipca 2017


Audi is getting serious about AI. Expect to see ads and check Facebook while you're driving. Are we ready for Google Glass 2.0 and will consumers buy in? Amazon 22 years later has gone from book...

TWiT 623: Binders Full of CEOs

Dodany: 17 lipca 2017


Disney will build a Star Wars-themed hotel where each guest gets a story. Uber says they are getting lots of applications for their open CEO post, but nobody big seems interested. Apple iPhone 8...

TWiT 622: Running for Human

Dodany: 10 lipca 2017


Huge pro-Net Neutrality protests planned for this week. The first Tesla Model 3 rolled off the line on Friday. Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley. The Nokia 3310 Trump/Putin "Caviar" phone costs...

TWiT 621: Butler in a Box

Dodany: 3 lipca 2017


New York Times reporter Katie Benner joins us to talk about sexual harassment in Silicon Valley. Former host of MacBreak Weekly Scott Bourne joins us to talk about what it was like getting the 1st...

TWiT 620: From Key West to Key Largo

Dodany: 26 czerwca 2017


Amazon buys Whole Foods, might buy Slack. Travis Kalanick reigns as Uber CEO. The best drones money can buy. iPad Pro is the future of Mac laptops. Neighbor spoofing robocaller made a million calls...

TWiT 619: Honey, I Shrunk the Panel

Dodany: 19 czerwca 2017


Amazon buys Whole Foods, and has its eyes on Slack. Apple's HomePod - Sonos killer? Facebook's Safety Check causes stress. Twitter's redesign. Voter fraud conspiracies. E3 announcements.Jason's...

TWiT 618: Snakes vs Alligators

Dodany: 12 czerwca 2017


Leo is out this week, so Jason Snell takes the reins. At WWDC this week, Apple announced their Amazon Echo killer, the HomePod. They also announced big updates to iOS 11, the 10.5" iPad Pro, and...