This Week in Tech

TWiT 611: Bezel Come Back

Dodany: 24 kwietnia 2017


At the F8 Developer Conference, Facebook shows off its hot new augmented reality technology - which looks a whole lot like Snapchat. Apple is secretly working on non-invasive blood sugar detection,...

TWiT 610: Zombie Shopping Malls

Dodany: 17 kwietnia 2017


United "overbooking": what's the real story? A murder streamed on Facebook Live. Apple sues Qualcomm, Qualcom sues Apple right back. Windows 10 Creators Update is here - are you excited for 3D...

TWiT 609: Strippers, JFK and Stalin

Dodany: 10 kwietnia 2017


Apple issues a mea culpa for the Mac Pro and promises a new model is on the way - just not this year. YouTube TV launches - it isn't perfect, but it may be the most promising over-the-top TV...

TWiT 608: Supercanoe

Dodany: 3 kwietnia 2017


US Congress votes to kill ISP privacy rules. Fixing fake news is harder than anyone imagined. Apple AR might not be good for gamers. Twitter changes default profile picture. The best 2017 April...

TWiT 607: Ozark Puddin'

Dodany: 27 marca 2017


US Senate votes to end ISP privacy regulations. The "Turkish Crime Family" demand $100,000 in iTunes gift cards for iCloud hack. Android O needs a name. Supreme Court hears printer ink patent case....

TWiT 606: My YouTube Cover Band

Dodany: 20 marca 2017


Uber's President quits, saying that the job was not what he signed on for. Orson Wells' "new" movie comes to Netflix. How to make money in the new music industry. Pwn2Own winners do the impossible...

TWiT 605: Think of the Koalas

Dodany: 13 marca 2017


Daylight Saving Time is a blight on mankind. All the details in the Wikileaks dump of CIA hacking tools. How our data can be used against us. Nintendo Switch breaks launch records. A father gets...

TWiT 604: Flabby, Flaccid, and Flatulent

Dodany: 6 marca 2017


Snapchat has a huge IPO -and makes one high school $24 million. Is Apple killing the lightning port on the iPhone 8? Spotify crosses the 50 million user mark. Mobile World Congress 2017 had a whole...

TWiT 603: Tricks for Tips

Dodany: 27 lutego 2017


Inside Uber's unrestrained workplace culture, predictions for Snapchats looming IPO, Mobile World Congress report with new phones, Pearl the VR nominated short film, Nokia returns with the 3310,...

TWiT 602: Normcore Phone

Dodany: 20 lutego 2017


Apple fights the new right to repair legislation, Bill Gates wants robots to pay taxes, 4chans effect on the internet, Verizon is bringing back "unlimited" data plans, SpaceX set for wireless...

TWiT 601: Fiber to the Press Release

Dodany: 13 lutego 2017


Will Twitter's new anti-harassment tools succeed? Tim Cook hints at Apple's AR future. Gigabit fiber vs. 5G wireless vs. satellite internet in a 3-way race to own your broadband. House passes email...

TWiT 600: Bloviating Blowhards

Dodany: 6 lutego 2017


Apple may launch an alternate reality device this year, FCC clears its investigations into Zero Rating and opening cable boxes, Oculus Rift loses $500 million suit, Google must turn over foreign...

TWiT 599: Fold With Dignity

Dodany: 30 stycznia 2017


Silicon Valley's reaction to Trump's immigration ban and plans for the coming apocalypse. Hugo Barra joins Facebook as VP of VR. Google killed 1.7 bad ads last year. Sprint buys a third of Tidal....

TWiT 598: It's Probably Squirrels

Dodany: 23 stycznia 2017


Can Twitter be fixed? Will Trump's FCC Chairman pick be a boon or bane for tech? Is Apple still competitive? Could they compete against Netflix? Apple sues Qualcomm for $1 billion. Samsung reveals...

TWiT 597: Fark Google!

Dodany: 16 stycznia 2017


Is Apple working in secret with Carl Zeiss on AR glasses? Will Mark Zuckerberg run for President? Consumer Reports changes its mind about the MacBook Pro. gets farked over by Google....

TWiT 596: President Zuck

Dodany: 9 stycznia 2017


CES 2017: The year of Alexa. Apple has "a great holiday," but misses 2016 sales targets. Mark Zuckerberg could run for President and still run Facebook. Samsung gets a fourth-quarter profit, even...

TWiT 595: What A Year!

Dodany: 1 stycznia 2017


With your help we've put together the best clips from 2016 on This Week in Tech!

Host: Leo Laporte
Download or subscribe to this show at for This...

TWiT 594: What A Year!

Dodany: 25 grudnia 2016


Our special holiday episode with a look back on some of the most influential tech stories of the year. Happy Holidays!

Host: Leo Laporte
Guests: Rene Ritchie, Steve Gibson, and Denise Howell...

TWiT 593: Coulrophobia

Dodany: 19 grudnia 2016


Tech summit at Trump Tower. Why fake news appeals to your lizard brain. 1 billion Yahoo accounts hacked. Why Pebble had to sell to Fitbit. Uber refuses to stop testing self-driving cars in San...

TWiT 592: McAfee for Cyber

Dodany: 12 grudnia 2016


Samsung pushes out an "update" that kills the Note 7 once and for all - unless you're on Verizon. Tech heavyweights meet with Trump this week. CIA determines that Russians hacked the DNC and RNC....