This Week in Tech

TWiT 705: Between the Buns

Dodany: 11 lutego 2019

Alphabet Earnings: Google's Cost Per ClickCutting out Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and MicrosoftThe US to Ban Huawei 5GTechGermany Outlaws Facebook's Business ModelWhat if Google Just Doesn't...

TWiT 704: To the Woodshed With You!

Dodany: 4 lutego 2019

How to Watch the Superbowl Commercials Without All That Annoying FootballApple's Not So Horrible Quarterly EarningsFacetime Flaw Dulls Apple's Privacy ShineApple Spanks Facebook and Google for Data...

TWiT 703: Algorithms are People, Too

Dodany: 28 stycznia 2019

WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger to Merge 2019 Predictions- Amazon Will Rise, Twitter Will Fall CRISPR Babies Confirmed Amazon Scout Will Usher in the Age of Autonomous Delivery France Fines...

TWiT 702: Millsplain It to Me

Dodany: 21 stycznia 2019

Apple's Tim Cook Calls for Data Privacy.773M Passwords Pwned - How to Find Out If Yours Was.Amazon Tries to Make Alexa Sound "Newsy."Google Buys Fossil.74% of Facebook Users are Clueless.Facebook's...

TWiT 701: Safe Bladder Space

Dodany: 14 stycznia 2019

All of our favourite products and trends at CES 2019! Impossible Burger Health and wearables Amazon vs Google Smart products and "Smart" products Laptops 5G Wireless power Toilet tech and...

TWiT 700: A Carwash for Your Face

Dodany: 7 stycznia 2019

Apple tanks on Tim Cook's earnings warning - is the golden age of iPhone over? Are Facebook and Google too big to Fail? No. Here's why. China and the US duel over security, AI, and quantum...

TWiT 699: Our Year's Best

Dodany: 30 grudnia 2018

The Best of TWiT from 2018!
Host: Leo Laporte
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TWiT 698: A Christmas Miracle

Dodany: 24 grudnia 2018

Mark Zuckerberg promised to fix Facebook in 2018. How'd that go?Apple hits $1 Trillion; Jeff Bezos hits $150 Billion; Amazon warhouse workers hit $15/hr.Elon Musk's ups and downsThe biggest mergers...

TWiT 697: The Big Leek Cabal

Dodany: 17 grudnia 2018

Elon Musk is a terrible person to work for.The internet is a garbage fire of hate.It is not Google's fault that searching for "idiot" results in pitures of Donald Trump.The Chinese are not spying...

TWiT 696: I've Got Mark-Level Sign-Off

Dodany: 10 grudnia 2018

What role did Facebook play in the French riots?Tumblr bans porn, Facebook bans vague hints that sex might be a thing that exists.Meanwhile in the UK, Parliament releases sensetive internal...

TWiT 695: Friends in Bikinis

Dodany: 3 grudnia 2018

Black Friday was Amazon's biggest sales day everMarriott Hack hit half a billion Starwood guests for 4 yearsIndian Microsoft scammers bustedAmazon's new machine learning racecar, quantum...

TWiT 694: Reverse Superlatives

Dodany: 26 listopada 2018

US government tells allies not to buy Huawei productsChina to fully roll out "social credit" scoring system by end of 2020Is Apple bringing back the iPhone X?Google News may leave EU over link...

TWiT 693: Big Boy Easy Bake Oven

Dodany: 19 listopada 2018

Facebook's latest crisis is... its reaction to its last crisis.Waymo plans a driverless car service.Amazon announces its new headquarters in Queens and North Virginia.Google's "smart city" in...

TWiT 692: Ravioli for the Recount

Dodany: 12 listopada 2018

Apple's new iPad Pro is not the future of Apple, but it does point to it. Alibaba sells $1 billion in the first 85 seconds of Singles Day. Tech doomsayer says that the vast majority of people will...

TWiT 691: The Prosecco Experience

Dodany: 5 listopada 2018

Apple announces new MacBook Air and Mac Mini, then blows them both away with its new iPad Pro.Apple will no longer tell us how many iPhones it sells.How to kill an iPhone with a balloon.Iran...

TWiT 690: All the President's Phones

Dodany: 29 października 2018

What's in store for Apple's big event this Tuesday?Tim Cook vs the "data industrial complex"Amazon's government controversiesIBM buys Red Hat for $34 billion - the largest software purchase...

TWiT 689: Nobody Expects the Scooter Inquisition

Dodany: 22 października 2018

Cognative hacking with scale and co-ordination.Will the newest iPad have 2 connectors?Should keynotes for product lanches go away?Some speculation about what to expect from the upcoming Apple...

TWiT 688: Written to Binge

Dodany: 15 października 2018

Defending Bloomberg's Chinese spy chip story Google+ killed by a breach that wasn't a breach.Facebook breach that WAS a breach hits 30 million users. In related news, Facebook now sells a video...

TWiT 687: Odorless and Weightless Hackers

Dodany: 8 października 2018

Bloomberg reports that China used tiny chips to spy on Apple, Amazon, and the US government. Apple and Amazon deny it. How do we know who is right? All the news from the Microsoft Surface event,...

TWiT 686: Older Than the Mini Jack

Dodany: 1 października 2018

How to tell if your Facebook account is one of the 50 million that were hacked this weekWhy the founder of Instagram left Facebook"Funding secured" tweet costs Elon Musk his chairmanship and $40...