This Week in Tech

TWiT 599: Fold With Dignity

Dodany: 30 stycznia 2017


Silicon Valley's reaction to Trump's immigration ban and plans for the coming apocalypse. Hugo Barra joins Facebook as VP of VR. Google killed 1.7 bad ads last year. Sprint buys a third of Tidal....

TWiT 598: It's Probably Squirrels

Dodany: 23 stycznia 2017


Can Twitter be fixed? Will Trump's FCC Chairman pick be a boon or bane for tech? Is Apple still competitive? Could they compete against Netflix? Apple sues Qualcomm for $1 billion. Samsung reveals...

TWiT 597: Fark Google!

Dodany: 16 stycznia 2017


Is Apple working in secret with Carl Zeiss on AR glasses? Will Mark Zuckerberg run for President? Consumer Reports changes its mind about the MacBook Pro. gets farked over by Google....

TWiT 596: President Zuck

Dodany: 9 stycznia 2017


CES 2017: The year of Alexa. Apple has "a great holiday," but misses 2016 sales targets. Mark Zuckerberg could run for President and still run Facebook. Samsung gets a fourth-quarter profit, even...

TWiT 595: What A Year!

Dodany: 1 stycznia 2017


With your help we've put together the best clips from 2016 on This Week in Tech!

Host: Leo Laporte
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TWiT 594: What A Year!

Dodany: 25 grudnia 2016


Our special holiday episode with a look back on some of the most influential tech stories of the year. Happy Holidays!

Host: Leo Laporte
Guests: Rene Ritchie, Steve Gibson, and Denise Howell...

TWiT 593: Coulrophobia

Dodany: 19 grudnia 2016


Tech summit at Trump Tower. Why fake news appeals to your lizard brain. 1 billion Yahoo accounts hacked. Why Pebble had to sell to Fitbit. Uber refuses to stop testing self-driving cars in San...

TWiT 592: McAfee for Cyber

Dodany: 12 grudnia 2016


Samsung pushes out an "update" that kills the Note 7 once and for all - unless you're on Verizon. Tech heavyweights meet with Trump this week. CIA determines that Russians hacked the DNC and RNC....

TWiT 591: Bro-active

Dodany: 5 grudnia 2016


Silicon Valley's empathy vacuum. FCC says AT&T's zero rating of its new DirecTV Now service violates Net Neutrality. Fitbit buys Pebble. CNN buys Casey Neistat's Beme. 1 million Google accounts...

TWiT 590: The Lady in the Canister

Dodany: 28 listopada 2016


We discuss the UK's Investigatory Powers Act, which give sweeping new powers to British intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Will automation take all our jobs? What then? Black Friday sales...

TWiT 589: Save it for St. Patrick's Day

Dodany: 21 listopada 2016


British Parliament passes the Snoopers Charter. Fake news is on the rise. Snapchat files for a secret IPO. Selfie deaths have more than doubled each year for the past three years. Apple charges...

TWiT 588: New Phone, Who Dis?

Dodany: 14 listopada 2016


Did Facebook help Donald Trump win the US Presidential Election? Apple's new MacBook Pro is selling better than last year's model. Google's Daydream View VR headsets are out, and they are hot....

TWiT 587: Leaving the Apple Cult

Dodany: 7 listopada 2016


Days before the US elections, we discuss the preeminence of social media, the difficulty of fact checking, and the loss of trust in the media that has occured this year. Is Apple's recent MacBook...

TWiT 586: The AIs are Talking

Dodany: 31 października 2016


Apple announces the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Microsoft announces the Surface Studio and Windows 10 Creators Update, Twitter kills Vine and lays off almost 10% of its workforce, Google Home...

TWiT 585: I Can't Wait Till 2021

Dodany: 24 października 2016


A massive botnet of IoT devices took down Dyne DNS, knocking several major US websites off line in a DDOS attack Friday. Hackers were able to break into John Podesta and Colin Powell's Gmail...

TWiT 584: It's not a Fact, but it is Trending

Dodany: 17 października 2016


The Note 7 is officially dead - Samsung stops production and the CPSC issues an official recall. Will Google's new Pixel Phones benefit? Is Google Assistant going to be a big draw? Also, Facebook...

TWiT 583: Party On, Zuck!

Dodany: 10 października 2016


Leo is back, and ready to discuss the latest tech topics with our favorite TWiT regulars!

• Replacements for recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 arrive - and promptly begin exploding.
• Google...

TWiT 582: Who's Capping Who?

Dodany: 3 października 2016


Host: Becky Worley
Guests: Christina Warren, Owen JJ Stone, and Jason Hiner
With Leo on Vacation, Becky Worley takes the big chair. We discuss predictions about Google's big event next week,...

TWiT 581: You Can Pay to See it All

Dodany: 26 września 2016


Host: Jason Calacanis
Guests: Ben Parr, Brian Alvey, Robert Scoble
AR winners and losers, Twitter sale, Snapchat Spectacles, and the Yahoo breach.
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TWiT 580: Hiss Happens

Dodany: 18 września 2016


Host: Leo Laporte
Guests: Phil Libin, Larry Magid, Georgia Dow
VR story telling, rise in robo-calls, Note 7 recall, FBI hacking, and more.
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