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595 - Can Minors and Seniors Have a Roth IRA?

Dodany: 12 czerwca 2019

A Roth IRA is one of the most flexible types of retirement accounts ... if you understand the rules. Here's what seniors and the parents need to know. Read the transcript at...

594 - How to Raise Your FICO Credit Score Instantly (and for Free)

Dodany: 5 czerwca 2019

Building and maintaining great credit is a cornerstone of a successful financial life. Money Girl and Rod Griffin from Experian discuss how you can manage credit wisely and raise scores instantly...

593 - 7 Facts You Should Know About Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Dodany: 29 maja 2019

It may be easier to get rid of your student loans than you ever thought possible! Money Girl answers a listener question and reviews seven facts you should know about wiping out education debt with...

592 - FICA Alternative Retirement Plan—What Is It and Who Qualifies to Have One?

Dodany: 22 maja 2019

Which type of retirement account is right for you? Money Girl answers a voicemail question about using a FICA Alternative Plan, choosing the right retirement plan, and reaching your financial...

591 - 5 Key Roth Retirement Rules You Should Know

Dodany: 15 maja 2019

Got questions about the ins and outs of using a Roth retirement account? Let's clear the confusion about the Roth five-year rule, who qualifies for a Roth, and more. Read the transcript at...

590- 6 Tips for College Grads to Manage Money Like a Grownup

Dodany: 8 maja 2019

There's no reason the end of college life has to mean the beginning of money stress. Here are six fundamental tips you can apply now to set yourself up for a lifetime of financial success. ]]>

494 MG 4 Penalty-Free Ways to Use a Roth IRA Before Retirement

Dodany: 1 maja 2019

You probably know that using a Roth IRA to save for retirement is a smart move that also cuts your taxes. But what you may not know is that unlike other types of retirement accounts, you can spend...

589 - How to Invest Money Like A Pro (Even If You Haven’t Started)

Dodany: 24 kwietnia 2019

Money Girl and Chris Hill from The Motley Fool discuss common investing barriers and the best investment to own for long-term financial success. ]]>

582 - 7 Tricks to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Dodany: 6 marca 2019 - Średnia ocen: 5

BONUS: Introducing One Plus One

Dodany: 22 lutego 2019