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The week ahead: Gaza bloodshed

Dodany: 18 maja 2018


Why Israel is answerable for this week's deaths in Gaza, but the Palestinian parties, Hamas and Fatah, are also to blame. The Economist’s Adrian Wooldridge discusses the issue of open borders with...

The Economist asks: Does the screen image of women need to change?

Dodany: 17 maja 2018


Sarah Rafferty talks to Anne McElvoy about her role as the redhead from US TV show “Suits” and her responsibility as ambassador for girls’ rights and education. Also, her best wishes for former...

Babbage: Show me the way to Cordillera

Dodany: 16 maja 2018


Now that the war between the Colombian government and the FARC has ended, scientists are exploring parts of the country previously held by the rebels. The aim is to make Colombia a "bio-power" by...

Money talks: Sanction Buster - who you gonna call?

Dodany: 15 maja 2018


The implications of President Trump’s U-turn on Telecoms giant ZTE. Tamzin Booth explains why Masayoshi Son could be the most influential man in the Tech world. And how non-compete clauses are...

Tasting menu: Audio highlights from the May 12th 2018 edition

Dodany: 14 maja 2018


Masayoshi Son is betting $100bn on the world's most exciting technology startups. Win or lose, his Vision Fund is shaking up the tech industry and those that invest in it. Plus, the Pulitzer-prize...

The week ahead: Trump's Iran gamble

Dodany: 11 maja 2018


What damage has been done by Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal? Also, the shock result in Malaysia's general election. And the problems meeting global demand for blood...

The Economist asks: What is the role of the male in modern culture?

Dodany: 10 maja 2018


David Mamet, award winning playwright and screenwriter, talks to Anne McElvoy about the gender wars and why his new play, inspired by the Harvey Weinstein saga, is best treated as a comedy. And he...

Babbage: When an algorithm decides your fate

Dodany: 9 maja 2018


Computer algorithms are being used with increasing frequency to make decisions about humans - from whether a job applicant makes it through a selection process or if a prison inmate gets released...

Money talks: Don’t bank with me Argentina

Dodany: 8 maja 2018


Why is Argentina’s currency crisis causing financial wobbles in other emerging markets? Simon Long explores whether digital technology can reach people who don’t have access to bank accounts. And,...

Tasting menu: Audio highlights from the May 5th 2018 edition

Dodany: 7 maja 2018


Despite euphoria about the Korean summit, global arms control is unravelling. Historian John Lewis Gaddis assesses whether there might be order in Donald Trump's chaos. And a glimpse of the first...

The week ahead: Disarmageddon

Dodany: 4 maja 2018


Our defence and diplomatic editor, Matthew Symonds, discusses how global arms control is unravelling. Also, can Britain right the wrongs from the Windrush fiasco? And how Georgia’s fashion industry...

The Economist asks: Should today’s world leaders be hawks or doves?

Dodany: 3 maja 2018


John Lewis Gaddis, author of “On Grand Strategy”, assesses whether there is order in Mr Trump’s chaos, the balance of global power and whether the age of liberal interventionism is over. Anne...

Babbage: Big data versus privacy

Dodany: 2 maja 2018


Data is becoming the world's most valuable resource. Governments use it to monitor and control their citizens. Corporations use it to persuade consumers to buy their products. But as machine...

Money talks: Taming crypto

Dodany: 1 maja 2018


How do regulators define and tackle crypto-currencies? Professor Mariana Mazzucato explains how economists should measure value. Also, the jeanius of Levi’s denim revival. Helen Joyce hosts

Tasting menu: Audio highlights from the April 28th 2018 edition

Dodany: 30 kwietnia 2018


A basic level of universal healthcare is sensible, affordable and practical – including in poor countries. Also, Imran Khan, star cricketer turned politician, on the role of the army in Pakistan,...

The week ahead: Kim Jong-un crosses the line

Dodany: 27 kwietnia 2018


Just how significant was the summit between North and South Korea? Also, French President Emmanuel Macron woos Washington. And the #MeToo movement gains momentum in Japan. Christopher Lockwood hosts

The Economist asks: Is the military swaying Pakistan in the wrong direction?

Dodany: 26 kwietnia 2018


We talk to Imran Khan, star cricketer turned politician bidding to lead Pakistan in the upcoming election. Topics include Donald Trump and the war on terror, why Pakistani media is under pressure...

Babbage: Insane in the methane

Dodany: 25 kwietnia 2018


What is causing the rising rates of methane in the atmosphere? Also, how an amphibious life for the Bajau people has led to unique evolutionary traits. And the excitement around the Gaia space...

Money talks: Trump makes crude jump

Dodany: 24 kwietnia 2018


Our energy and commodities editor, Henry Tricks, looks at how sensitive the commodities markets are to geopolitical comments. Also, is the Eurozone facing a nasty surprise or is the growth...

Tasting menu: Audio highlights from the April 21st 2018 edition

Dodany: 23 kwietnia 2018


The Republican party is organised around one man. Our cover story explains why Donald Trump’s takeover of the GOP is dangerous. Plus, the psychologist Steven Pinker launches our Open Future season...