Mutual Funds vs. ETFs - How to Decide

Dodany: 18 listopada 2017


Sometimes the “mutual funds vs. ETFs” debate misses the larger point. It often overlaps with other more important decisions. Today's Stocks & Topics: Bank of America A type Warrants, Renting Is...

Smart Beta ETFs: The Wow Factor

Dodany: 17 listopada 2017


The primary drivers of broader ETF industry growth include smart beta funds, or those products that use weighting schemes. Today's Stocks & Topics: 200 Day Moving Average, U.S. Oil Production, Self...

Momentum Investing: Should You Go with the Flow?

Dodany: 16 listopada 2017


Rising prices tend to attract buyers while falling prices tend to attract sellers. Where is this going? Today's Stocks & Topics: 401k, WMT - Wal-Mart Stores Inc., MHLD - Maiden Holdings Ltd., REGN...

Revealing the Real Costs in Your Mutual Fund

Dodany: 15 listopada 2017


Hidden costs could be holding back the returns on your investment portfolio. There are places to look when evaluating mutual funds. Today's Stocks & Topics: GE - General Electric Co., Secure...

Examining The “Most Hated Bull Market Ever”

Dodany: 14 listopada 2017


The bull market continues to be fueled by hopes that tax cuts and tax reform will lead to higher reported earnings for corporations. Today's Stocks & Topics: Options, GCI - Gannett Co. Inc., VIAB -...

Liking International Stocks Does Not Mean Disliking US Stocks

Dodany: 11 listopada 2017


What's the best international vs. domestic mix for today's market and what investment vehicles offer the easiest way to get there? Today's Stocks & Topics: 401k Contributions, Interest Rates,...

Uncovering the Risks of Investing Too Conservatively

Dodany: 10 listopada 2017


A closer look at the misconceptions about being a “conservative” investor when it comes to your money. The risks may be higher than you think. Today's Stocks & Topics: Cash Flow Ratio, Earnings...

Return Expectations for Stocks and Bonds

Dodany: 9 listopada 2017


The Vanguard fund founder comes up with numbers for US stocks and bonds for the next decade. Today's Stocks & Topics: Short Sellers, Stock Prices, 3 Hard Decisions About Aging, Market Value, EXPE -...

Ideas: Brainstorming Income Investing

Dodany: 8 listopada 2017


With interest rates still low investors need to be creative, focusing on low-cost investments such as ETFs may be part of an income strategy. Today's Stocks & Topics: Asset Allocation, Five Signs...

Investors Beware - Not All Indexes Are the Same

Dodany: 7 listopada 2017


New research underscores how much difference there can be between indexes that on the surface look like the same thing. Today's Stocks & Topics: Investing in the Market, BRKB - Berkshire Hathaway...

Is Warren Buffett Leading or Misleading Investors?

Dodany: 4 listopada 2017


Should we believe the one who says to be fearful when others are greedy, or the one who now places interest rates above all else? Today's Stocks & Topics: What high volume indicates, SNR - New...

Can Your Retirement Portfolio Survive a Stock Market Crash?

Dodany: 3 listopada 2017


There is a way to tell. It's time to give your retirement portfolio a stress test. Today's Stocks & Topics: Determining stock value, CPB - Campbells Soup Co., T - AT&T, UAA - Under Armour Inc., PG...

Taking Action in a Passive Investing World

Dodany: 2 listopada 2017


Even passive investing's biggest fans still believe that active management has its place in the right circumstances. Today's Stocks & Topics: New ETF tracks S&P 500, New Bubble building danger?,...

Nobel-Prize Winning Formula: 4 Ways To Boost Savings

Dodany: 1 listopada 2017


As a behavioral economist, he's studied the way we actually think and act instead of hewing to some wrong-headed theories. Today's Stocks & Topics: 401k & Self Employment, Ten Year Loans, Number...

4 Good Investments When Interest Rates Rise

Dodany: 31 października 2017


As interest rates go up, many common types of investments will suffer -- but others will rally. Today's Stocks & Topics: PDI - PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund, Permanent Portfolio, 3rd Quarter GDP...

When to Switch From a Roth IRA to a 401k

Dodany: 27 października 2017


Knowing the ins and outs of both types of savings vehicles can help you make the right choices for your retirement. Today's Stocks & Topics: Investment Clubs, Maximize Your Credit Score, Walmart &...

Can an App Be Your Best Entry Into Investing?

Dodany: 27 października 2017


Two Millennials discuss how they started investing and what apps and platforms are out there to help new investors. Today's Stocks & Topics: Cash Management, MAT - Mattel Inc., Raising Hiring...

5 Questions to Ask Before Opening a Roth IRA

Dodany: 26 października 2017


This retirement tool is rising in popularity, and is still overlooked by the very people who could benefit from it most. It may be just what is missing in your plan. Today's Stocks & Topics: Stocks...

Assess Your Asset Allocation for Retirement

Dodany: 25 października 2017


Are the lifetime values of assets large enough to meet the lifetime liabilities? Today's Stocks & Topics: Asset allocation, Things to Worry About, The Dow 30, Self Driving Cars, GE - General...

How to Avoid Investing 'Distractions'

Dodany: 24 października 2017


There are many pitfalls and traps that can destroy an investor’s portfolio instantly or over time if you invest based on emotion. Today's Stocks & Topics: Resistance, Money Milestones in Every...