01-17-18: 5 Top 5 Software to Track Your Assets in 2018

Dodany: 18 stycznia 2018


Financial software creates a budget and tracks your finances and portfolio of stocks, mutual funds, bonds, even real estate investments. Today's Stocks & Topics: KSHB - Kush Bottles Inc.,...

01-16-18: 5 Disadvantages of Online Trading

Dodany: 17 stycznia 2018


You know the pluses of online trading. You should also know the negative aspects so you can determine if it’s a strategy that's truly a good fit for you. Today's Stocks & Topics: Hedging, DRIPX -...

01-15-18: Index Funds vs. Mutual Funds

Dodany: 15 stycznia 2018


Encore Presentation: The difference between index funds and mutual funds and why an index fund will almost certainly be a better investment than an actively managed mutual fund. Today's Stocks &...

01-12-18: 5 Biggest Trends That Will Affect Your Money in 2018

Dodany: 13 stycznia 2018


Over time, there's a method to the market's madness. Events that reflect or affect the direction of the economy will always move stocks. Today's Stocks & Topics: Retirement Funds, Utility Stocks,...

01-11-18: 4 Proven Ways to Boost Your Retirement Income

Dodany: 12 stycznia 2018


Just 10% have defined benefit pension plans, down from half of the workers in the 1980s. That means the rest need a plan. Today's Stocks & Topics: Limited Order, TEVA - Teva Pharmaceutical...

01-10-18: 4 Reasons To Start Using A Roth IRA In 2018

Dodany: 11 stycznia 2018


A Roth IRA can offer tax benefits, access to funds, ease of use, and retirement income benefits that are too attractive to ignore. Today's Stocks & Topics: VIX - CBOE Volatility Index, TVIX –...

01-09-18: You Need to 'Get' Diversification

Dodany: 10 stycznia 2018


There can be both diversifiable and non-diversifiable risks in your portfolio. Do you know the difference? Today's Stocks & Topics: Penny Stocks, NXTTF - Namaste Technologies Inc., DIS - Walt...

01-08-18: How to Choose an Online Stock Broker

Dodany: 9 stycznia 2018


Profitable investing requires you use a brokerage service that aligns with your investing goals, educational needs, and learning style. Today's Stocks & Topics: TNTR - Tintri Inc., Limited Order,...

01-05-18: How Index Funds And ETFs Cost More Than You Think

Dodany: 6 stycznia 2018


Index funds offer low fees and passive management that will net you average returns, but when the market takes a dive, so will your returns. Today's Stocks & Topics: Perspectives, Canadian...

10 Steps to Successful Income Investing for Beginners

Dodany: 5 stycznia 2018


01-04-18: The goal: Assemble a collection of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate that generates annual income at the lowest possible risk. Today's Stocks & Topics: Retirement, The January...

A 5-point Plan to Protect Yourself from Risk in 2018

Dodany: 4 stycznia 2018


01-03-18: Sure, contribute more to your retirement accounts, find ways to reduce taxes. All good advice. But what about risk? Today's Stocks & Topics: Financial Terms, MNK - Mallinckrodt PLC, 9...

Where's the stock market headed in 2018?

Dodany: 3 stycznia 2018


01-02-2018: Will the year see a big gain for stocks? Or little or no gain? Depends on who you ask. Today's Stocks & Topics: Correction, PCG - PG&E Corp., 401k, Stock Prices in 2018, Market...

5 Big Money Myths Busted

Dodany: 1 stycznia 2018


A look at common misconceptions about home ownership, retirement, investing, credit cards, and Social Security. Today's Stocks & Topics: Cryptocurrencies, Small-business Sentiment on November,...

Don’t Let Home-Bias Investing Trip You Up

Dodany: 29 grudnia 2017


The market has gained over 20% during the past year. But for those that are under-weighted to foreign stocks, it’s not so great. Today's Stocks & Topics: Bitcoin, Overseas Companies, Options...

5 Great Uses For Required Minimum Distributions

Dodany: 29 grudnia 2017


Approaching age 70½? You're required to take minimum distributions from your tax-deferred retirement accounts. But now what? Today's Stocks & Topics: 401k, VIVIX - Vanguard Value Index Fund...

Cross These 4 Items Off Your Year-End Checklist

Dodany: 28 grudnia 2017


Today's Stocks & Topics: Moving Average, LB - L Brands Inc., LBUY - Leafbuyer Technologies Inc., PCG - PG&E Corp., ETFs, Bull Market, PEGA - Pegasystems Inc., Tesla, SSW - Seaspan Corp., Fibonacci...

Index Funds vs. Mutual Funds

Dodany: 27 grudnia 2017


The difference between index funds and mutual funds and why an index fund will almost certainly be a better investment than an actively managed mutual fund. Today's Stocks & Topics: SUPN - Supernus...

3 Ways to Catch Up Over 50

Dodany: 25 grudnia 2017


Don't panic -- there's still hope. Saving at an older age takes some strategy, though. Today's Stocks & Topics: Averaging Up vs. Averaging Down, Retirement Plans, Tax Reform, Yield Curve, Options,...

When to Switch From a Roth IRA to a 401k

Dodany: 23 grudnia 2017


Knowing the ins and outs of both types of savings vehicles can help you make the right choices for your retirement. Today's Stocks & Topics: Roth IRA, Maximize Your Credit Score, Walmart & Google...

11 Websites That Will Make You Smarter About Money

Dodany: 22 grudnia 2017


Not everyone has a financial adviser, and not everyone has the time to read that much. Luckily, there's the internet. Today's Stocks & Topics: Cycle Index, PCG - PG&E Corp., UA - Under Armour Inc....