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will rzeczownik

rzeczownik + will
Kolokacji: 9
George Will • will of God • Heart Will • Love Will • Time Will • ...
will + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 34
Will Smith • Will Clark • Will Rogers • Will Ferrell • Yoga Will Woman • ...
will + czasownik
Kolokacji: 31
Will says • Will comes • will brings • Will takes • will makes • ...
czasownik + will
Kolokacji: 20
bend to one's will • hold against one's will • leave in one's will • make a will • show will • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 4
1. bend to one's will = skłonić się do czyjejś prośby, poddać się czyjejś woli bend to one's will
  • He became a man who could bend almost any situation to his will.
  • Still, she had spoken often enough to know how to bend them, at least a little, to her will.
  • Forces we do not understand you can bend to your will.
  • A king could make even the most powerful of men bend to his will.
  • If he knew she did, he'd never let up on the pressure to bend her to his will.
  • When the time came she would use that power to bend their minds to her will.
  • He is not able to take control of a match and bend it to his will.
  • But more even than that, he wants to bend me to his will.
  • Men who had changed the world by bending it to their will.
  • Then she could take Julia and bend the child to her will.
2. hold against one's will = trzymaj wbrew własnej woli hold against one's will
3. leave in one's will = zostaw w testamencie leave in one's will
4. make a will = sporządzać testament make a will
przymiotnik + will
Kolokacji: 23
free will • political will • good will • strong will • human will • ...
przyimek + will
Kolokacji: 15
at will • against one's will • in one's will • of will • for Will • ...

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