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"utility" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

utility rzeczownik

rzeczownik + utility
Kolokacji: 24
sport utility • water utility • Northeast Utility • power utility • gas utility • ...
utility + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 91
utility company • utility bill • utility vehicle • utility pole • utility player • sport utility vehicle • utility industry • utility knife • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 20
1. utility company = zakład użyteczności publicznej utility company
2. utility bill = rachunek za media (prąd, woda, gaz, itp.) utility bill
3. utility pole = słup telefoniczny, słup telegraficzny utility pole
5. utility player = zawodnik, który może grać na kilku różnych pozycjach (np. w baseballu) utility player
6. sport utility vehicle = sport taksówka bagażowa sport utility vehicle
8. utility knife = nożyk do papieru, nóż introligatorski utility knife
9. utility infielder = użyteczność infielder utility infielder
10. utility room = pralnia (w domu) utility room
11. utility line = funkcjonalna linia utility line
12. utility function = funkcja użyteczności utility function
13. utility service = praktyczny serwis utility service
14. utility worker = wszechstronny robotnik utility worker
15. utility belt = praktyczny pasek utility belt
16. utility rate = funkcjonalna stawka utility rate
17. utility program = program usługowy utility program
18. utility aircraft = funkcjonalny samolot utility aircraft
19. utility stock = praktyczny towar utility stock
20. utility analyst = wszechstronny analityk utility analyst
  • Some utility analysts said a possible sale or early closing made sense.
  • The Public Service action is likely to have only a slight effect on the nuclear power industry, according to two utility analysts.
  • Some of these properties will probably remain as power plants, utility analysts say, securing the future of that land.
  • Should that occur, utility analysts said, rates for remaining customers would have to rise again, as fixed costs were spread over smaller sales.
  • China also achieved a 14 percent increase in electrical output last year, nearly twice the increase that utility analysts had thought possible.
  • The utility industry is one of its specialties, and the company employs 20 utility analysts.
  • Indeed, utility analysts seem to understand the company's indifference to keeping lots of cash on hand, given the predictable nature of its business.
  • The complaints came not only from Democrats, but from utility analysts who said it was difficult to assess the proposals without more precise information.
  • Mr. Hiney also disputed recent assertions by some utility analysts that the power may not be needed.
  • Anderson was resultantly employed as a utilities analyst, composing models of publicly listed companies.
utility + czasownik
Kolokacji: 29
utility says • utility uses • utility serving • utility pays • utility provides • ...
czasownik + utility
Kolokacji: 16
include utilities • maximize utility • require utilities • provide utilities • own utilities • ...
przymiotnik + utility
Kolokacji: 50
electric utility • public utility • large utility • local utility • municipal utility • ...
przyimek + utility
Kolokacji: 12
for utilities • on utilities • from utilities • of utilities • with utilities • ...

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