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"partly" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

partly przysłówek

czasownik + partly
Kolokacji: 168
partly based • partly owned • partly explain • partly inspired • partly financed • partly covered • partly offset • partly funded • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 34
1. partly based = częściowo oprzeć partly based
2. partly owned = częściowo posiadać partly owned
3. partly explain = częściowo wyjaśnij partly explain
4. partly inspired = częściowo zainspirować partly inspired
5. partly financed = częściowo sfinansować partly financed
6. partly covered = częściowo przykryć partly covered
7. partly offset = częściowo zrównoważ partly offset
8. partly funded = częściowo sfinansować partly funded
9. partly reflect = częściowo odzwierciedla partly reflect
10. partly built = częściowo zbudować partly built
11. partly destroyed = częściowo zniszczyć partly destroyed
12. come partly = przychodzić częściowo come partly
  • So, its growth has come partly at the expense of the region.
  • It struck him that he had come partly out of fear, too.
  • Here was another ruin, the responsibility of which came partly home to her.
  • His knowledge of the pimp life comes partly from books.
  • As if the black noise came partly from the river.
  • Some came partly because of relationships with Annie and me.
  • The pressure to move in this ideological direction has come partly from the global economy.
  • It also partly came from looking at the oriental game Go.
  • Those images in his case came partly out of the four different musical traditions he decided to use.
  • Those increases would come partly from deep cuts in less visible programs.
14. partly caused = częściowo spowodować partly caused
15. depend partly = zależeć częściowo depend partly
16. partly filled = częściowo napełnić się partly filled
17. partly obscured = częściowo zaciemnić partly obscured
18. stem partly = łodyga częściowo stem partly
19. partly hidden = częściowo ukryty partly hidden
20. partly replaced = częściowo zastąpić partly replaced
21. partly opened = częściowo otworzyć partly opened
22. partly blocked = częściowo zablokować partly blocked
23. lie partly = kłamać częściowo lie partly
24. partly made = częściowo zrobić partly made
25. partly filmed = częściowo sfilmować partly filmed
26. derive partly = czerpać częściowo derive partly
27. partly paid = częściowo zapłacić partly paid
28. partly motivated = częściowo zmobilizowany się partly motivated
29. partly restored = częściowo przywrócić partly restored
30. partly used = częściowo użyć partly used
31. partly written = częściowo napisany partly written
32. partly driven = częściowo prowadzony partly driven
33. partly influenced = częściowo wpłynąć partly influenced
34. partly blame = częściowo obwiń partly blame
partly + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 25
partly responsible • partly open • partly true • due partly • partly only successful • ...

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