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learning rzeczownik

rzeczownik + learning
Kolokacji: 20
distance learning • language learning • student learning • machine learning • education lifelong learning • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 7
1. distance learning = nauka na odległość, nauczanie zdalne, nauczanie na odległość distance learning
  • These are, most will agree, two central factors in language learning.
  • The software on each computer is especially designed for language learning.
  • Language learning takes a long time, much longer than you may have ever anticipated.
  • First, there was an increased demand for language learning, particularly in Europe.
  • There are three general perspectives on the issue of language learning.
  • For a child, there is a difference between oral language learning and reading.
  • The journal's main focus is the use of technologies for language learning and teaching.
  • And if children have significant hearing loss for a long period of time, they may experience difficulties in language learning.
  • My bill will focus on language learning and technical skills funding.
  • He is renowned for his work on motivation in second language learning.
4. machine learning = uczenie maszynowe machine learning
5. education lifelong learning = uczenie się przez całe życie edukacyjne education lifelong learning
6. learning of one's death = z dowiadywanie się czyjś śmierć learning of one's death
learning + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 71
learning experience • learning environment • learning curve • learning process • learning center • learning disability • Learning Network • ...
learning + czasownik
Kolokacji: 4
learning takes • learning occurs • learning requires • learning involves
czasownik + learning
Kolokacji: 25
promote learning • enhance learning • facilitate learning • support learning • base learning • ...
przymiotnik + learning
Kolokacji: 74
high learning • lifelong learning • experiential learning • great learning • active learning • ...
przyimek + learning
Kolokacji: 17
upon learning • after learning • of learning • for learning • to learning • ...

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