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"investigator" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

investigator rzeczownik

rzeczownik + investigator
Kolokacji: 43
police investigator • Government investigator • lead investigator • Senate investigator • state investigator • ...
investigator + czasownik
Kolokacji: 152
investigator says • investigator finds • investigator believes • investigator determines • investigator concludes • investigator examines • ...
czasownik + investigator
Kolokacji: 22
tell investigators • lead investigators • cooperate with investigators • hire an investigator • lie to investigators • send investigators • ...
przymiotnik + investigator
Kolokacji: 67
private investigator • federal investigator • principal investigator • Congressional investigator • American investigator • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 12
  • I had him followed for a week by a private investigator.
  • Then another ten years trying to make a success of being a private investigator.
  • So I started reading about private investigators and got interested.
  • In that sense, he is something of a private investigator himself.
  • "There must be some reason why you're coming to me, rather than a private investigator or the police."
  • It was also said that the paper made use of private investigators.
  • When that was done, he looked at the private investigator.
  • What the police didn't turn up, my private investigator did.
  • The private investigator was paid for a job with the film.
  • But a local private investigator was also watching him, and he couldn't understand that.
3. principal investigator = kierownik zespołu naukowego principal investigator
5. American investigator = Amerykański oficer śledczy American investigator
9. independent investigator = niezależny oficer śledczy independent investigator
10. chief investigator = główny oficer śledczy chief investigator
11. undercover investigator = tajny oficer śledczy undercover investigator
przyimek + investigator
Kolokacji: 11
by investigators • to investigators • with investigators • for investigators • of investigators • ...

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