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"circular" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

circular przymiotnik

circular + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 191
circular motion • circular orbit • circular pattern • circular room • circular table • circular shape • circular route • circular hole • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 24
1. circular motion = ruch obrotowy circular motion
2. circular orbit = orbita kołowa circular orbit
3. circular pattern = kolisty wzór circular pattern
4. circular room = kolisty pokój circular room
5. circular table = okrągły stół circular table
6. circular shape = kolisty kształt circular shape
7. circular route = okrężna trasa circular route
8. circular hole = kolista dziura circular hole
9. circular wall = kolista ściana circular wall
10. circular window = okno koliste circular window
11. Circular Quay = Koliste Nabrzeże Circular Quay
12. circular staircase = okrężne schody circular staircase
13. circular area = kolisty obszar circular area
14. circular path = okrężna droga circular path
  • This is equivalent to moving the point through a circular path of exactly 180 degrees.
  • To keep the rock on its circular path, you have to pull inward.
  • Lower down on the screen, the earth traveled along its nearly circular path around the sun.
  • The string however, keeps if from doing so and makes the rock travel in a circular path.
  • The first task was to complete a circular path around the lake.
  • It also had to move the first point in a circular path that was larger than its own size.
  • That was just about the time needed to complete the circular path he had set Pioneer on.
  • Instead, you move up the side of the building in a circular path, inside the turning wheel.
  • She was still following that small circular path and holding her stomach.
  • For example, consider a particle moving in a circular path.
15. circular building = kolisty budynek circular building
16. circular structure = kolista struktura circular structure
17. circular tower = kolista wieża circular tower
18. circular saw = piła tarczowa, pilarka tarczowa circular saw
19. circular chamber = kolista sala circular chamber
20. circular opening = koliste otwarcie circular opening
21. circular drive = okrężna droga dojazdowa circular drive
22. circular form = kolista forma circular form
23. circular platform = okrężny peron circular platform
przysłówek + circular
Kolokacji: 4
roughly circular • perfectly circular • completely circular • generally circular

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