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basketball rzeczownik

rzeczownik + basketball
Kolokacji: 23
college basketball • school basketball • Fantasy Football Basketball • girls basketball • boys basketball • ...
basketball + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 127
basketball team • basketball player • basketball court • basketball coach • basketball game • Basketball Tournament • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 35
  • Our last weeks of the season couldn't have been much better on the basketball court.
  • Only half of the basketball court is used for the game.
  • When we were about 12, I went to his house one day because he had a basketball court.
  • The basketball court alone, he said, will add more than $200,000 to the cost of the house.
  • In one case, a man was shot 13 times on a basketball court.
  • I don't care how much you run up and down the basketball court.
  • If not on the basketball court, they know where to find each other.
  • "We're just trying to get back on the basketball court as a team again and go from there."
  • At least on the basketball court, he could control the environment around him.
  • "Are you going to let me go to the basketball court or not?"
10. basketball program = sekcja koszykówki (w futbolu amerykańskim) basketball program
13. basketball star = gwiazda koszykówki basketball star
15. basketball career = koszykówka kariera basketball career
16. basketball club = koszykówka klub basketball club
17. basketball scholarship = koszykówka stypendium basketball scholarship
20. basketball hoop = obręcz koszykówki basketball hoop
22. National Basketball Association = NBA (amerykańska zawodowa liga koszykówki) National Basketball Association
23. college basketball coach = koszykówka college'u trener college basketball coach
24. head basketball coach = główna koszykówka trener head basketball coach
26. basketball history = koszykówka historia basketball history
28. basketball competition = konkurencja koszykówki basketball competition
29. basketball shoe = koszykówka but basketball shoe
30. college basketball season = pora roku koszykówki college'u college basketball season
31. basketball camp = obóz koszykówki basketball camp
33. College Basketball blogger = Koszykówka college'u bloger College Basketball blogger
35. basketball skill = biegłość koszykówki basketball skill
czasownik + basketball
Kolokacji: 18
play basketball • include basketball • letter in basketball • coach basketball • love basketball • ...
przymiotnik + basketball
Kolokacji: 28
professional basketball • pro basketball • high school basketball • American basketball • best basketball • ...
przyimek + basketball
Kolokacji: 13
including basketball • in basketball • of basketball • for basketball • from basketball • ...

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