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"zapotrzebowanie" po angielsku — Słownik polsko-angielski | zobacz "zapotrzebowanie" po polsku


  1. demand , ****
    • popyt, zapotrzebowanie (np. na określone dobra, usługi) [COUNTABLE AND UNCOUNTABLE]
      the need of customers for goods or services, as well as the ability to purchase them
      There is a high demand for our services in this region. (Jest duże zapotrzebowanie na nasze usługi w tym regionie.)
      We expect a huge demand for our products. (Oczekujemy ogromnego popytu na nasze produkty.)
      There's a demand for IT specialists. (Jest popyt na specjalistów IT.)
  2. requisition , req. (skrót)  
    an official request to buy something (e.g. a chair) or to use a particular service (e.g. a training course offered by an outside provider)

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