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Zobacz także: train pulls out of a stationAt the next stop many people will board the train.Do you think you will be okay until our arrival at the next train station?that ship has sailed, that train has left the stationI will make a call and the train will wait for you.Get off at the next train stop.When is the next train to Manchester?I will be there tomorrow.The next train will arrive in three hours.There will be a juggler and a clown.Where is the train station?The train will wait 5 minutes after our arrival.The restaurant car will be disconnected from the train.Where is the nearest train station?There are only a few tracks available due to the renovation, so your next train cannot wait for you.The station is being renovated so trains do not wait for the delayed passengersI will come next week.For the passengers with a valid ticket, a replacement train service will be provided.I will be there in an hour.I will be there in three hours.Do you think there will be a storm today?The stopover will be held beyond the platforms of the station.I will print out the new ticket for you.There will be hell to pay.We will have to wait for the police and prosecutor to arrive.On the diversion we will make additional stops at the following stations:You have to go with us to the police station.This coach has to get disconnected from the train.You will have to travel with a different train.Excuse me, is there ... in this train?Only then can you be completely positive that you will be in the same coach.The next train to Wrocław is in 10 minutes already.You will have to leave the restaurant coach after that time.We would like to inform you that there will be a technical stopover today.

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