TWiG 507: Machine Learning is the New Chicken Sexer

Kategoria: Komputery i technologia
Kanał: This Week in Google
Data: 9 maja 2019, 3:31
Poziom: C1-C2 (zaawansowany)

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This Week in Google (Audio)

This Week's Stories

  • Google I/O Highlights
  • Pixel 3A Unboxing
  • Nest Hub Max > Google Home Hub
  • AR Walking Directions in Google Maps
  • Google Leans into Helpfulness vs Privacy
  • Project Euphonia: Speech-to-text for People who are Hard to Understand
  • Trouble in Chromebook Land
  • AR Coming to Google Search
  • Next-Generation Google Assistant
  • Changes to Android Auto
  • Assistant Speeds Up
  • Google Maps Gets Incognito Mode
  • Android Q Preview
  • Protest Plane Over Google I/O
  • Project Mainline Wants to Fix Android Stratification
  • Google Kills "Works With Nest" and IFTTTT Functionality
  • Verizon Killed Tumblr, Wants to Sell
  • Solitaire Goes to Video Game Hall of Fame
  • Arya Stark's New App for Creatives
  • Windows is Getting a Linux Kernel
  • What the Microsoft Hololens Demo Fail was Supposed to Look Like

Picks of the Week

  • Kevin's Pick: Hacking Diabetes
  • Jeff's Number: New York Times Crossword Puzzle
  • Leo's Tool: Chatterbox - the smart speaker that kids build and program

Hosts: Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis

Guest: Kevin Tofel

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