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How much is it costing fans to go to Qatar?

Kategoria: Biznes i finanse
Kanał: Business Daily
Data: 4 listopada 2022, 9:30
Poziom: B1-B2 (średnio zaawansowany)

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About 1.5 million fans, a little more than half the population of Qatar, are expected to arrive in the tiny Gulf state for the 2022 World Cup. Two weeks before the start of tournament Sam Fenwick, speaks to fans about how much they are willing to spend to support their team and hopefully watch them lift the iconic trophy. There are concerns that fans have be priced out of attending this year’s tournament. The Ghanaian government is subsidising some ticket prices. It will be the first time many Welsh fans have had the opportunity to see their team in a World Cup, they last qualified in 1958. Around 3,000 are expected to travel for the group stages of the competition. Many have spent thousands of dollars on flights, accommodation and tickets. Argentina fans are also spending big to see Lionel Messi line up for his country in a World Cup, possibly for the very last time. Presenter / producer: Sam Fenwick Image: Welsh football fans; Credit: BBC