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9 ways to reduce bedtime conflicts

Kategoria: Poradniki i samorozwój
Kanał: The Mighty Mommy's Quick and Dirty Tips for Practical Parenting
Data: 26 września 2022, 8:09
Poziom: C1-C2 (zaawansowany)

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Don’t you just love that time of evening when you’re counting down the minutes until your “adult time” starts? You’re wiped out from the day and so is your child. Maybe teeth got brushed, maybe someone was wrangled into pajamas, maybe the lights are even out—and yet, bedtime seems to drag on and on. And on. Dr. Nanka Coor offers tips for troubleshooting your kiddo’s pesky bedtime shenanigans. 

Project Parenthood is hosted by Dr. Nanika Coor. A transcript is available at Simplecast.

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