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Why Some People Say 'Might Could.' The Spanish Influence on English. Mickle Story.

Kategoria: Nauka angielskiego
Kanał: Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
Data: 9 września 2022, 8:00
Poziom: C1-C2 (zaawansowany)

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892. We recently got a question about why people use a type of double-verb construction, such as "We might could go to the store." We have the answer! Plus, in honor of the upcoming National Hispanic Heritage Month, we look at the influence Spanish has had on English. You probably know more Spanish words than you realize!

Transcript: https://grammar-girl.simplecast.com/episodes/why-some-people-say-might-could

"Double Modals" was written by Neal Whitman."The Spanish Influence on English" was written by Susan K. Herman

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