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TWiT 896: The Whole Internet Burrito - Pixel Watch, banning AirTags, Musk's Twitter buy, Instagram ads

Kategoria: Komputery i technologia
Kanał: This Week in Tech
Data: 10 października 2022, 0:28
Poziom: C1-C2 (zaawansowany)

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Pixel Watch, banning AirTags, Musk's Twitter buy, Instagram ads

  • Google unveils Pixel 7 Pro with Tensor G2 processor, starts at $899.
  • WHOOP | Your Personal Digital Fitness and Health Coach.
  • Does Google have a chance against Samsung and Apple?
  • Google Pixel Watch Announced.
  • Google Kills Stadia; Why Stadia Was a Bad Product; Microsoft, Activision, and Antitrust.
  • Larry Page's electric air taxi startup is winding down.
  • Lufthansa Has NOT Banned AirTags (But If It Ever Does, Travelers Won't Comply)
  • Zelenskyy, Musk in Twitter showdown over Ukraine 'peace' plan.
  • The Elon Musk vs. Twitter trial is on hold until October 28th.
  • Elon Musk says he'll use Twitter to build an 'everything app' called X. Believe him.
  • How Twitter employees are reacting to today's Elon Musk news.
  • Chris Anderson on Twitter: "Amidst all the sneering, I'd like to offer a prediction for how the @elonmusk acquisition of Twitter will play out."
  • Bake Off contestant horrifies viewers with avocado peeling method during controversial Mexican Week episode.
  • Instagram to increase ad load as Meta fights revenue decline.
  • Yes, even Signal is doing stories now.
  • The Right Stuff dating app.
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)
  • FCC Finally Gets Around To Cracking Down On Annoying Robotexts.
  • Google settles Arizona location data suit for $85 million.
  • Meta warns 1 million Facebook users who installed password-stealing apps.
  • Papa John's sued for 'wiretap' spying on website visitors.
  • Area Man Is Arrested for Parody. The Onion Files a Supreme Court Brief.
  • Boston Dynamics pledges not to arm robots.
  • Israel sets up AI-controlled machine gun in occupied Hebron.
  • SEC Charges Kim Kardashian for Unlawfully Touting Crypto Security.
  • $570 million worth of Binance's BNB token stolen in another major crypto hack.
  • Critical Akamai bug could have let hackers poison millions of major brands' websites.
  • Business Envy podcast.
  • White House turns to TikTok stars to take Biden's message to a younger audience.

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Huyen Tue Dao, Iain Thomson, and Ben Parr

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