WW 743: Muff Mode - Microsoft Surface Event 2021

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Data: 23 września 2021, 0:13
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Microsoft unveils a new generation of Surface PCs and devices

  • The Surface is Back, Baby
  • Microsoft refreshes its Surface PC portfolio including Android-based Duo 2
  • Surface Laptop Studio Specs and Photo Gallery
  • Surface Pro 8 Specs and Photo Gallery
  • Surface Go 3 Specs and Photo Gallery
  • Surface Duo 2 Specs and Photo Gallery
  • Microsoft takes another crack at a dual-screen Android phone with Duo 2
  • Surface Pro X Photo Gallery
  • Surface Peripherals Photo Gallery
  • Surface, Can You Spare a Part?


  • HP Launches 16-Inch Spectre x360, Consumer PCs, and Peripherals

Windows 11

  • Microsoft Issues Near-Final Build of Windows 11
  • Microsoft Begins Rolling Out Photos App Redesign
  • Microsoft is readying a new Windows Server certification


  • Microsoft makes its non-subscription Office LTSC release available for Windows, Mac

Tips and picks

  • App pick of the week: PC Health Check
  • App pick of the week: PowerToys
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Choose your OS for the new Surface devices
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Windows 11 requirements hit VMs
  • Beer pick of the week: Torch & Crown Welcome Back

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley, and Paul Thurrott

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