Why Are There 60 Minutes In An Hour Instead of 100?

Dodany: 17 sierpnia 2017


Do clocks really follow a system inherited from ancient Sumeria?

Why is Dry Ice Dangerous?

Dodany: 14 sierpnia 2017


Dry ice is different from regular ice in several ways. Find out what makes dry ice so unique, along with why it can be dangerous, on this week's episode of BrainStuff.

Is Dry Cleaning Actually Wet?

Dodany: 9 sierpnia 2017


Spoiler Alert: No, dry cleaning isn't dry. Instead, it uses a petroleum solvent in place of water. Learn more about dry cleaning in this episode of BrainStuff.

Why Is It Painful To Bite Aluminum Foil?

Dodany: 7 sierpnia 2017


When (dental) metal in your mouth comes in contact with aluminum foil, your teeth get a painful shock from the electricity produced. Christian Sager explains how the voltaic effect plays out in...

Are Some People Immune To Mosquitoes?

Dodany: 2 sierpnia 2017


Ugh. Mosquitoes, right? They’re the worst. They pester everyone… or do they? Tune in to learn more.

What are Sea Monkeys?

Dodany: 1 sierpnia 2017


Sea Monkeys are a type of brine shrimp. These shrimp create remarkably resilient eggs called cysts. Check out this BrainStuff episode and learn more about the secret behind Sea Monkeys.

What's the Best Place To Sit In A Movie Theater?

Dodany: 26 lipca 2017


When it comes to where you should sit in a movie theater to get the best experience, it's mostly a matter of preference. Except when it comes to sound. Find out why -- and where you should sit --...

What is the Birthday Paradox?

Dodany: 25 lipca 2017 - Średnia ocen: 4


The so-called Birthday Paradox isn't a true paradox -- it's a fascinating example of how bad humans are at off-the-cuff probability. Tune in to learn what the Birthday Paradox is and how it works.

How Fuel Efficient Is An Airplane?

Dodany: 20 lipca 2017


How much fuel does a 747 need to complete an international flight? How efficient are these aircraft? Join Christian as he asks how much fuel an international flight actually uses.

Why Are You Farting?

Dodany: 17 lipca 2017


Sure, flatulence is embarrassing. But why do we do it?

Where Do Bullets Go When Fired Into The Air?

Dodany: 12 lipca 2017


When people fire guns into the air in a celebratory manner, those bullets have to go somewhere. Find out how high fired bullets can go -- and why they can be dangerous -- in this episode of...

Can Water Go Bad?

Dodany: 10 lipca 2017


Many people store water for emergencies -- but is it true that water sitting for too long will go bad? Listen in as Christian explains it for you.

Why Do People Talk Weird in Old Movies?

Dodany: 5 lipca 2017


It’s not quite British, and it’s not quite American – so what gives? Why do all those actors of yesteryear have such a distinct and strange accent?

Why is Blood Red?

Dodany: 3 lipca 2017


Blood is always red... even when it's inside your body.

How Does Anxiety Work?

Dodany: 28 czerwca 2017 - Średnia ocen: 4


Anxiety is a normal, healthy response for the human body. But when it interferes with daily life it can become a disorder. We investigate anxiety's symptoms and biochemistry to learn how it can...

Can Animals Predict Natural Disasters?

Dodany: 26 czerwca 2017


Do animals have a sixth sense that can detect earthquakes and tsunamis? Or do they just make better use of their other senses than humans?

Why Don't All Skeletons Become Fossils?

Dodany: 22 czerwca 2017


Skeletons of ancient animals sometimes become fossilized. But if this happened to every animal that ever lived, wouldn’t we be swimming in a sea of fossils right now? BrainStuff explains why only a...

Does TV Resolution Matter?

Dodany: 20 czerwca 2017


You’ve heard all the hype about high-definition TV, ultra-high definition and more. But does this mad race to jam more pixels on a screen actually matter? Tune in to learn more about the human eye...

What's The Most Expensive Book In The World?

Dodany: 14 czerwca 2017


Sometimes super-wealthy people like to spend millions on a single book. Which one cost the most? Hint: It’s about water and it's written backwards.

How Will You Most Likely Die?

Dodany: 12 czerwca 2017


Death is the most mysterious and inevitable part of the human experience. But how will we go? Christian takes a closer look at the most common causes of death across the globe.