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Daily GizWiz!

Episode #1954: Put Another Slime On The Barbie

Dodany: 23 września 2023

Dive into a magical toyland with the latest from Barbie, hop aboard the Hogwarts Express, and get ready for a game night with a fabulous twist! Then, unleash creativity with whimsical playthings,...

Episode #1953: Fan of a Fan’s Fan

Dodany: 16 września 2023

Vroom into the world of tiny speedsters, get wooed by a robotic pup with disco vibes, unleash your inner Picasso with a glowing twist, and stay cool with Chad's breezy pal!

Episode #1952: Charlie's Four Step Program

Dodany: 9 września 2023

Kick off with a mind-boggling gizmo, lend a paw to your furry friends with a stairway to doggy heaven, strap on survival with a trendy wristband, and never lose stuff again thanks to Chad's nifty...

Episode #1951: We’re Incensed!

Dodany: 2 września 2023

Dive into a disco-speaker that's light on the wallet, jam with a dazzling LED trio, zen out with cascading incense vibes, scrape every last bit with a curious spatula, and set sail on your coffee...

Episode #1950: The Incredible Edible Spoon

Dodany: 26 sierpnia 2023

Splash into summer fun with eco-friendly water balloons, test your guesswork on a mystery gadget, ponder over a peculiar plug with USB madness, dine with edible spoons, and dive deep into a...

Episode #1949: Perfect Pickle Picker

Dodany: 20 sierpnia 2023

Dive into a Giz Wiz mystery with double "What the Heck?" gadgets, sunglasses that shift 7 ways, Chad's dishy pal from Shark Tank, and a zesty pickle picker!

Episode #1948: Double Bubble Trouble

Dodany: 12 sierpnia 2023

Jump into a breezy episode of Giz Wiz where we've got a with a fan-tastic twist around your neck! Get bubbly with a gun that's not just about the bubbles, chill out with sounds that whisk you away,...

Episode #1947: Stepped Into It

Dodany: 5 sierpnia 2023

Dive into an episode of Giz Wiz where we challenge your guessing game with a trio of mystery gadgets! Follow Chad as he explores a product that would make a certain pool of business sharks nod in...

Episode #1946: Honey I Shrunk the Toys!

Dodany: 29 lipca 2023

Dive into a Giz Wiz episode where shifting shapes provide endless fun, rockets blast off with the power of a stomp, and the world's smallest toys deliver giant amusement. Chad explores how to chill...

Episode #1945: What A Ruckus

Dodany: 23 lipca 2023

Dive into this Giz Wiz episode where tiny adventurers hit the road, interactive digital pets come alive, and your room turns into a light show extravaganza! Watch Chad explore the art of food...

Episode #1944: SkyFoiled Again!

Dodany: 16 lipca 2023

In this Giz Wiz episode, we bid adieu to our annual Holiday Gift Show Preview with headphones that redefine your listening experience, and a walker companion that'll keep the conversation going!...

Episode #1943: Portable Pizza Party

Dodany: 8 lipca 2023

Unleash your inner mixologist with a cordless cocktail-making marvel, then cleanse with a high-tech sanitizer steamer. For the foodies, we're cooking up a storm with a hot new addition from Solo...

Episode #1942: Pain In The Axe

Dodany: 1 lipca 2023

Join us on a sonic adventure with some sleek new earbuds, then channel your inner lumberjack with a hand-forged axe that's just perfect! For those with a need for speed, we've got a fun, zippy...

Episode #1941: A Gem of A Show

Dodany: 24 czerwca 2023

This episode's got a mind-boggling busy board that's loaded with LED lights! Next up, it's another "What the Heck is it?" challenge that's guaranteed to twist your noodle. Prepare to fill your...

Episode #1940: Anker Drops

Dodany: 17 czerwca 2023

Fasten your seatbelts as we embark on a wild tech-venture, starting with a sneak peek into Anker's latest gaggle of gizmos. And if you've been missing the sweet whirring sound of a DVD player, we...

Episode #1939: An Ear-ee Show

Dodany: 11 czerwca 2023

Buckle up, detectives! We're diving headfirst into a mystery-filled episode with not one, not two, but four "What The Heck Is It?" items! In between, join us as we explore a bag designed to...

Episode #1938: Chad And The Beanstalk

Dodany: 4 czerwca 2023

This week on Giz Wiz, we're diving into the world of whimsical oddities with a sleep mask that soothes with sweet lullabies of white noise. For our green-thumbed friends, we have a gadget that...

Episode #1937: Katana-Proof Bacteria

Dodany: 29 maja 2023

We're blending fitness and technology with a water bottle that does more than just quench your thirst, shaking up kitchen routines with a futuristic cooking contraption, and making pool maintenance...

Episode #1936: Full Steam Ahead

Dodany: 21 maja 2023

Experience the sheer luxury of a mattress that might cost more than your first car, taste the future with an oven that can do it all, and feel the power of clear sound from a little speaker that...

Episode #1935: Hold The Phone

Dodany: 13 maja 2023

Solve another "What the Heck Is It?" and tame your wild cables with an adorable plush buddy on this week's Giz Wiz! Elevate your rain game with an oversized umbrella hat, and make in-flight...