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Daily GizWiz!

Episode #1841: Wyze Guys

Dodany: 23 lipca 2021

We start with another fun kid's toy from the 2021 Virtual SweetSuite Event and finally check out the Wyze Car!

Episode #1840: Apple Workout

Dodany: 16 lipca 2021

Dick has a gadget from the SweetSuite Virtual Toy Event and a personal cooling-and-heating system!

Episode #1839: USB-"C"ing You

Dodany: 9 lipca 2021

A what the heck is it and Dick shows off a cheap blender!

Episode #1838: Objects in Mirror May Look Crappy

Dodany: 2 lipca 2021

Dick shows the most expensive, deluxe espresso maker, a drying stone, and a new line of dog accessories.

Episode #1837: Zavor the Flavor

Dodany: 25 czerwca 2021

We have some gadgets from the Summer Housewares Preview LIVE show in NYC.

Episode #1836: Soapy Situation

Dodany: 18 czerwca 2021

Tiny power from Anker, Chad's new electric bike, and a boat with wheels?

Episode #1835: String On The Ring

Dodany: 11 czerwca 2021

On this episode Dick has a SPOOKY story and Chad performs MAGIC!

Episode #1834: Goofy For Eufy

Dodany: 4 czerwca 2021

Dick shows us what he's replacing his boat's Dropcam with, a travel gadget, and Chad introduces us to his new theme.

Episode #1833: Plug and Pray

Dodany: 28 maja 2021

Dick has a cheap smart coffee maker and cheap karaoke microphone! Chad has a loud alarm to keep your bike safe.

Episode #1832: Birds I View

Dodany: 21 maja 2021

We have a mini coffee maker, a what the heck is it?, and Chad has a deafening gadget!

Episode #1831: Soapy Sales

Dodany: 14 maja 2021

Dick found a VERY cheap but high quality webcam and Chad has a LOUD gadget!

Episode #1830: Tag, You're It

Dodany: 7 maja 2021

Dick has a portable blender and a mini keyboard while Chad introduces his new monthly theme.

Episode #1829: Take a Soapie

Dodany: 30 kwietnia 2021

Dick has a fun faux camera and Chad shows his last gadget for April!

Episode #1828: Sing, With Bling

Dodany: 23 kwietnia 2021

This episode has a karaoke microphone, a toilet brush, and of course some glowing glowing LEDs!

Episode #1827: Scam You!

Dodany: 16 kwietnia 2021

Dick has a preview of 3 pet gadgets he'll be showing on ABC's World News Now next week.

Episode #1826: Weigh To Go

Dodany: 9 kwietnia 2021

Dick shows off a water activated LED and weighs in on two different bluetooth scales.

Episode #1825: Chad A-Salt Vehicle

Dodany: 2 kwietnia 2021

This is no April Fool's! Chad has an extra gadget and introduces us to his new theme!

Episode #1824: Not-So-Greater Tater Grater

Dodany: 26 marca 2021

Dick gets a new studio overhaul (audio interface + monitor + light) and Chad's final productivity gadget!

Episode #1823: This Show Is on Fire

Dodany: 19 marca 2021

We have a tabletop fireplace, a safe place for your things, and a timely crappy corner!

Episode #1821: A Spiffy Clean Show

Dodany: 5 marca 2021

We start this week's show with a unique gadget, the smallest, most versatile charging cable I've ever used and we have a new month of crappy gadgets!