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526 - Is A2 Milk Better for You?

Dodany: 14 maja 2019

You may have seen a2 milk in your grocery store. This pricey designer milk comes with some big claims. Let's explore the science behind the hype. Read the transcript at:...

524 - Is a Vegetarian Diet Bad for Your Brain?

Dodany: 30 kwietnia 2019

If creatine is important for brain functioning and vegetarians have lower creatine levels, could a vegetarian or vegan diet have a negative impact on cognitive function? ]]>

523 - Quinine: Medicine or Mixer?

Dodany: 23 kwietnia 2019

Quinine is a bitter compound that's used in tonic water but also has a long history of medical use. Can quinine prevent leg cramps? Are there side effects to drinking it? Nutrition Diva has all...

522 - The 3 Levers of Appetite

Dodany: 17 kwietnia 2019

511 - Your Brain on Cholesterol

Dodany: 29 stycznia 2019

510 - Can Fiber Cancel Out Calories?

Dodany: 22 stycznia 2019