The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous

540 - Healthiest and Unhealthiest Kinds of Fish

Dodany: 10 września 2019

Fish is a great source of protein, and it's low in saturated fat. But not all fish is created equal. Nutrition Diva breaks down the healthiest and unhealthiest ways to get your recommended...

418 - Is Eating Late Bad for Your Heart?

Dodany: 3 września 2019

How and why meal timing could affect your health. Read the full transcript here: ]]>

539 - Top 5 Nutrients for Postpartum Recovery

Dodany: 27 sierpnia 2019

Registered Dietitian Melissa Mitri discusses the importance of good nutrition after giving birth and the five most important nutrients for a new mom and her baby. Read the transcript at...

538 - How to Choose a Protein Bar

Dodany: 20 sierpnia 2019

Not all protein bars are created equal. Let's examine the difference between energy bars and protein bars and talk about what to look for when choosing a protein bar. Read the transcript at...

537 - Are Probiotics Safe for Your Immune System?

Dodany: 13 sierpnia 2019

Although their benefits may be limited, probiotic supplements are generally safe for healthy people. But there are some situations where beneficial bacteria (either from foods or supplements) can...

536 - Can Tart Cherries Reduce Arthritis Pain?

Dodany: 6 sierpnia 2019

Tart (or sour) cherry juice has developed quite a reputation as an arthritis cure, anti-inflammatory agent, even an insomnia cure. Is there enough evidence to support adding tart cherry juice to...

535 - Can the GAPS Diet Heal Your Brain?

Dodany: 30 lipca 2019

The GAPS diet has been proposed as a treatment for conditions including autism, schizophrenia, depression, and ADHD. But is there evidence to support the use of this extreme protocol? Read the...

534 - How Getting Sleep Can Reduce Food Cravings

Dodany: 23 lipca 2019

There's a connection between sleep and hunger. Getting better quality sleep may help with appetite, cravings, and ultimately, weight loss. Read the transcript at...

533 - Pros and Cons of Oat Milk

Dodany: 16 lipca 2019

Is oat milk good for you? Are there any dangers of drinking oat milk? What's the bottom line on nutritional value? Nutrition Diva has the scoop on the hottest new nondairy alternative. Read the...

532 - Can You Eat Too Much Fiber?

Dodany: 9 lipca 2019

The Institute of Medicine hasn’t set an upper limit on fiber, meaning that there’s no amount at which it’s considered toxic. But could excessive fiber block absorption of minerals from foods? Read...

473 - Is The Beyond Burger Healthy for You? (Reissue)

Dodany: 2 lipca 2019

A new generation of plant-based products are taking veggie burgers to a whole new level. This week, a look at the Beyond Burger and how it compares with beef and other meat-free options. Read the...

531 - Personalized Nutrition: The Latest on DNA-Based Diets

Dodany: 25 czerwca 2019

What can our genes tell us about which diet will work best for us? Before you send off your DNA sample, here's new research you need to know. Read the transcript at...

530 - Wellness Is Not the Enemy

Dodany: 18 czerwca 2019

Novelist Jessica Knoll argues that we should "Smash the Wellness Industry." Has our toxic dieting culture co-opted wellness? Is it possible to be happy AND healthy? Read the transcript at Check...

529 - Is Leaky Gut a Legitimate Diagnosis?

Dodany: 11 czerwca 2019

Registered dietitian and digestive health specialist Tamara Duker Freuman joins Nutrition Diva to sort through the facts and fictions surrounding intestinal permeability, also known as leaky gut...

528 - Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good for High-Heat Cooking?

Dodany: 4 czerwca 2019

There's new research on the best oils to cook with. Here's Nutrition Diva's take! Read the transcript at Check out all...

445 - Is Being Overweight Unhealthy? Reframing the Debate

Dodany: 28 maja 2019

While new science suggests there's no such thing as 'healthy obese,' think of it this way: It’s not that your weight doesn’t matter. It’s just that it’s not the only thing that matters. Read the...

527 - Secrets of Successful Habit Change with Gretchen Rubin

Dodany: 21 maja 2019

Get more Nutrition Diva at Check out all the Quick and Dirty Tips shows: FOLLOW NUTRITION DIVA Facebook:...

526 - Is A2 Milk Better for You?

Dodany: 14 maja 2019

You may have seen a2 milk in your grocery store. This pricey designer milk comes with some big claims. Let's explore the science behind the hype. Read the transcript at:...

525 - Nutrition Tips for New College Grads

Dodany: 7 maja 2019

.Eating healthy is one of many challenges new college graduates face. Nutrition Diva's handy nutrition guide will help you set up your kitchen, choose pantry staples, and start cooking simple meals...

524 - Is a Vegetarian Diet Bad for Your Brain?

Dodany: 30 kwietnia 2019

If creatine is important for brain functioning and vegetarians have lower creatine levels, could a vegetarian or vegan diet have a negative impact on cognitive function? ]]>