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Guardian Focus Podcast: Why is the Olympic sporting legacy off track?

Dodany: 7 kwietnia 2011

London won the 2012 Olympics with a promise to turn the UK into a sporting nation the world would envy. So why aren't more people taking up sport?Hugh MuirOwen GibsonKate HoeyPeter Sale

Guardian Focus podcast: What Poland did right

Dodany: 6 kwietnia 2011 - Średnia ocen: 4

Concluding the Guardian's New Europe series, Chris Bobinski, Andrzej Swidlicki and Matteo Napolitano join Jon Henley to discuss how Poland sailed through the economic crashJon Henley

Global development podcast: does microfinance help people escape poverty?

Dodany: 1 kwietnia 2011

Many people like the sound of microfinance because it isn't charity. But are all poor people budding entrepreneurs? And what happens when people cannot repay their loans?Ha-Joon ChangMadeleine...

Guardian Focus podcast: The future of Polish football

Dodany: 31 marca 2011

Jonathan Wilson visits Poland to examine efforts to drag football into the 21st century in time for next year's European ChampionshipsJonathan WilsonPeter Sale

Guardian Focus podcast: Spain’s long road to recovery

Dodany: 28 marca 2011

Continuing the Guardian's New Europe series, Jill Treanor, Eduardo Suarez and Giles Tremlett join Jon Henley to consider Spain's economic prospectsJon Henley

Guardian Focus podcast: Policing protests

Dodany: 22 marca 2011

How are the Metropolitan police preparing for this weekend's mass demonstrations against public spending cuts? Hugh Muir investigatesHugh MuirIain ChambersVikram DoddJenny JonesJames WelchJohn Domokos

Guardian Focus podcast: What’s holding France back?

Dodany: 21 marca 2011

Jon Henley is joined by Angelique Chrisafis, Eric Albert and Phillip Inman to discuss France's faltering economic recoveryJon HenleyPhillip InmanAngelique Chrisafis

Guardian Focus podcast: Germany's economic strength

Dodany: 15 marca 2011

In the first in a series of podcasts focusing on Europe, Martin Kettle, Sebastian Borger and Fiona Harvey join Jon Henley to discuss the success of the German economyJon HenleyMartin KettleFiona...

Guardian Focus podcast: International Women's Day

Dodany: 8 marca 2011

On the centenary of International Women's Day, we explore why feminism still matters in 2011 and debate the Guardian's list of 100 inspirational womenJane MartinsonPeter SaleNatasha WalterMadeleine...

Guardian Focus podcast: Labour councils enacting coalition spending cuts

Dodany: 3 marca 2011

As councils across Britain meet to pass their much reduced budgets, are Labour councils taking their constituents with them?Hugh MuirIain ChambersPeter HetheringtonDave HillMartin Wainwright

Guardian Focus podcast: The indefinite detention of foreign prisoners

Dodany: 25 lutego 2011

Hundreds of foreign prisoners are held indefinitely after they have served their criminal sentences. Harriet Grant investigatesHarriet Grant

Guardian Focus podcast: Ireland's general election

Dodany: 18 lutego 2011

Henry McDonald hears from candidates, businesspeople, voters and journalists prior to Ireland's most fascinating election for yearsHenry McDonaldPhil Maynard

Global development podcast: the securitisation of aid

Dodany: 10 lutego 2011

Are military priorities distorting aid budgets? A panel of experts discuss the relationship between the UK's development budget and the country's foreign policy objectivesMadeleine BuntingClaire...

Guardian Focus Podcast: England's forest sell-off

Dodany: 4 lutego 2011

Steven Morris visits the Forest of Dean to assess the government's prospective forest sale. What would private ownership mean for the area and could an alternative model to the Forestry Commission...

Global development podcast: land grabs in Africa

Dodany: 27 stycznia 2011

With climate change and rising demand for biofuels pushing up food prices, rich countries are increasingly looking for land in poorer nations to feed themselves. But is this at the expense of the...

Guardian Focus podcast: The Palestine papers

Dodany: 27 stycznia 2011

After the release of confidential documents in the Middle East conflict, Guardian commentators examine what happens next for the regionMatt WellsIan BlackJonathan FreedlandHarriet SherwoodIain...

Guardian Focus Podcast: Are prenuptial agreements fair?

Dodany: 24 stycznia 2011

The Law Commission recently recommended that prenups become legally binding. Are they the fairest way to distribute assets? We'll also be asking if divorce should be simplerAfua HirschPeter Sale

Guardian Focus Podcast: Tunisia's Jasmine revolution

Dodany: 21 stycznia 2011

A week after President Ben Ali fled the country he ruled with an iron fist, we ask whether the 'unity government' is just a new name for the old regimeRiazat ButtIan BlackPeter BeaumontPeter Sale

Guardian Focus podcast: Multiple sclerosis and the cost of being ill

Dodany: 13 stycznia 2011

Why will the weakest in Britain bear the brunt of the government's austerity measures? Elizabeth Kinder investigates the impact of the cuts on sufferers of MS, a degenerative disease with no known...

Guardian Focus podcast: No country for young people

Dodany: 9 stycznia 2011

Being a young person in Britain seems harder than ever. Is it the fault of older generations? We hear from a panel of under-25s from a range of backgroundsTracy McVeighPhil Maynard