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Guardian Focus: Is forcing people to learn English fair?

Dodany: 4 sierpnia 2011

With rules obliging migrants to speak English being fought out in the courts and with cuts to the provision of English as a second language coming into force this week: we ask if the government...

Guardian Focus podcast: Examining the British far right

Dodany: 28 lipca 2011

With the far right making political gains in France, Denmark and the Netherlands, and now the terrorist atrocity in Norway, what's the state of the far right in the UK?Hugh MuirMatthew...

Global development podcast: population growth

Dodany: 27 lipca 2011

Soon the world's population will reach 7 billion. But do more people necessarily mean more problems?Madeleine BuntingClaire MelamedClaire ProvostLucy LambleVivienne Perry

Guardian Focus podcast: The Metropolitan police crisis

Dodany: 22 lipca 2011

After another resignation at the top of the Metropolitan police, we ask what's going wrong and how to ensure the mistakes of the phone hacking scandal are not repeatedJenny JonesHugh MuirPeter...

Guardian Focus podcast: Northern Ireland's sectarian violence

Dodany: 15 lipca 2011

This week's podcast explores what recent clashes in Belfast means for the provinceHugh MuirPeter SaleHenry McDonald

Media Talk podcast: News of the World closes as News International implodes

Dodany: 8 lipca 2011

Alan Rusbridger, Nick Davies, Roy Greenslade and Janine Gibson discuss the impact of the phone-hacking scandal on NI and the newspaper industryDan SabbaghAlan RusbridgerJanine GibsonRoy...

Guardian Focus podcast: Do we do right by our elderly?

Dodany: 8 lipca 2011

The Dilnot commission report attempted to determine who should pay for elderly care. We talk to some elderly people and their carers and ask why older citizens get such a raw dealHugh MuirPeter...

Global development podcast: what does the future hold for southern Sudan?

Dodany: 30 czerwca 2011

On 9 July, southern Sudan will become an independent state. What are the development challenges and opportunities facing the new country?Madeleine BuntingXan RiceClaire ProvostLucy LambleVivienne...

Guardian Focus podcast: Unions strike back

Dodany: 23 czerwca 2011

As the spending cuts start to bite, trade unions are planning strike action. We ask if there are more effective negotiation techniquesHugh MuirDan MilmoPeter Sale

Guardian Focus podcast: Wimbledon and the state of British tennis

Dodany: 10 czerwca 2011

We give millions to the Lawn Tennis Association every year to get more people playing and to improve elite performance. Hugh Muir asks if it's workingHugh MuirOwen GibsonPeter Sale

Guardian Focus Podcast: How will the changes to budget affect the NHS?

Dodany: 8 czerwca 2011

Hugh Muir talks to health experts to find out how the changes to the way the NHS is financed will affect its service and where the necessary savings can be madeSarah BoseleyHugh MuirRandeep...

Global development podcast: are we on the brink of a new global food crisis?

Dodany: 26 maja 2011

The World Bank says soaring food prices have already pushed millions more people into extreme poverty this year. We examine what is being done to combat the problemMadeleine BuntingPeter SaleClaire...

Guardian Focus podcast: Scottish sectarianism

Dodany: 19 maja 2011 - Średnia ocen: 5

Hugh Muir explores the reasons for the apparent upsurge in religious hatred in Scotland. How much deeper than the football matches between Celtic and Rangers does this go?Hugh MuirPeter Sale

Guardian Focus podcast: SlutWalk marches

Dodany: 15 maja 2011

Thousands of women in Canada and the US have already marched in a movement provocatively called SlutWalk. But are they advancing feminism or harming it? Our expert panel debates the issue before a...

Guardian Focus podcast: The coalition's impact on grassroots politics

Dodany: 13 maja 2011

On the first anniversary of the coalition government, Hugh Muir and Martin Wainwright visit David Cameron and Nick Clegg's constituencies of Witney and SheffieldHugh MuirIain ChambersHarry...

Guardian Focus podcast: Are the Olympics creating enough jobs for east Londoners?

Dodany: 6 maja 2011

Hugh Muir asks whether the target of getting 70,000 unemployed Londoners into work through London 2012 is being achievedHugh MuirDave HillPeter Sale

Global development podcast: what role can tourism play in development?

Dodany: 28 kwietnia 2011

The World Tourism Organisation argues that responsible tourism can play a significant role in eradicating poverty and meeting the millennium development goals. But is it right?Madeleine...

Guardian Focus podcast: The nuclear debate after Fukushima and Chernobyl

Dodany: 21 kwietnia 2011

George Monbiot, Helen Caldicott and Laurence Williams join host James Randerson to debate the future of the UK's nuclear programme following Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant disasterPeter SaleHelen...

Guardian Focus podcast: Afghanistan

Dodany: 13 kwietnia 2011

Jon Snow chairs a Guardian debate at the British Museum in London under the title Afghanistan: What makes a Nation?Jon SnowPeter Sale

Guardian Focus podcast: The AV referendum

Dodany: 11 kwietnia 2011

Michael White talks to MPs, voters, campaigners and experts prior to the referendum on the alternative vote system on 5 MayBilly BraggMichael WhiteDavid BlunkettTom WatsonJulian GloverTim...