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BBC Global News

Twenty seven bodies dumped by roadside in Zambia

Dodany: 12 grudnia 2022

They are believed to be Ethiopian migrants trying to reach South Africa. Also: four people have been charged in connection with an investigation into alleged corruption at the European Parliament,...

Historic Morocco win at World Cup

Dodany: 11 grudnia 2022

The team becomes the first African or Arab nation to reach the semi-final after beating Portugal one-nil in Qatar. Also: Bangladeshis hold a massive protest calling on the prime minister Sheikh...

US warning over defence partnership between Russia and Iran

Dodany: 10 grudnia 2022

The US national security council spokesman says the relationship is strengthening and could harm Ukraine and the international community. Also: one of this year's Nobel Peace Prize winners says...

UN vows to address human rights concerns in China

Dodany: 9 grudnia 2022

The new human rights commissioner Volker Türk was speaking at a press conference to mark human rights day. Also: A Russian politician has been convicted of spreading false information about the war...

US bill protecting same-sex marriage clears Congress

Dodany: 9 grudnia 2022

The legislation will enshrine marriage equality in federal law, protecting the rights of same-sex and interracial couples. Also: the chief executive of the Qatar World Cup is criticised for...

US basketball star exchanged for Russian arms dealer

Dodany: 8 grudnia 2022

President Biden welcomes a prisoner swap with Russia involving US basketball star, Brittney Griner, and the arms dealer, Viktor Bout. Also: Iran executes its first demonstrator since the start of...

Peru has new president after dramatic impeachment

Dodany: 8 grudnia 2022

Ex-president Pedro Castillo was impeached after he tried to dissolve Congress. Also: the Taliban carry out the first public execution since their return to power in Afghanistan, and ancient DNA...

China abandons key elements of zero-Covid policy

Dodany: 7 grudnia 2022

It follows rare anti-government protests last week across the country. Also: Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Saudi Arabia to strengthen China-Arab relations, and 25 people are arrested in...

Trump Organization is found guilty of tax crimes

Dodany: 7 grudnia 2022

The business is synonymous with the former US president Donald Trump but neither he or his family were on trial. Also: Argentina's Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is found guilty of corruption, and...

Indonesia outlaws sex outside marriage

Dodany: 6 grudnia 2022

New law also introduces tougher punishment for blasphemy. Also: China bids farewell to its former leader Jiang Zemin, and the actress Kirsty Alley has died at the age of 71.

Russia blames Ukraine for attacks on two airfields

Dodany: 6 grudnia 2022

A number of people were killed at the Russian airfields, which Moscow blames on Ukrainian drones. Also: ANC backs South African president over corruption report, and the pioneering tennis coach...

Trial begins for 2016 Brussels terror attacks

Dodany: 5 grudnia 2022

Ten men are accused of involvement in the bombings, which killed 32 people. Also: human rights groups in Haiti tell the BBC that gangs control at least 60 percent of the capital city, and the...

Protestors storm government office in south Syria

Dodany: 5 grudnia 2022

There have been a number of deaths during rare demonstrations in the southern Syrian city of Sweida. Also: the Tigrayan force chief in northern Ethiopia says many of his fighters have pulled back...

Russian oil cap 'weak' says Zelensky

Dodany: 4 grudnia 2022

The Ukrainian President added that it would not stop Russia's war in his country. Also: A spokesman for the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has said he won't resign despite a scandal over...

EU imposes Russian oil price cap

Dodany: 3 grudnia 2022

The aim is to starve Moscow of funds for its war against Ukraine. Also: The World Health Organisation says it's struggling to reach people in need of help in the Ethiopian region of Tigray, weeks...

'Evil' Russian invasion must fail, says Anglican church head

Dodany: 2 grudnia 2022

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, was speaking after visiting recently liberated towns in Ukraine. Also: Kanye West is suspended from Twitter again, News from Elsewhere and the transatlantic...

Biden prepared to speak to Putin

Dodany: 2 grudnia 2022

But only if the Russian President showed a desire to end the war in Ukraine. Also: Further violence in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo has pushed a ceasefire close to collapse, and...

China eases Covid restrictions in some cities

Dodany: 1 grudnia 2022

It comes after mass protests against its zero-Covid policy. Also: In Afghanistan the Taliban orders Voice of America to stop broadcasting, Spain steps up security after a spate of letter bombs, and...

Ramaphosa faces threat of impeachment

Dodany: 1 grudnia 2022

Report finds the South African President may have breached anti-corruption law. Also: The Islamic State group has announced the death of its leader, Abu al-Hassan al-Quraishi, and Christine McVie...

Alzheimer's drug hailed as momentous breakthrough

Dodany: 30 listopada 2022

Lecanemab slows damage to the brain in the early stages of the disease. Also: Jiang Zemin, who led China after the Tiananmen Square massacre, has died aged 96, and how bats can outsing humans.