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BBC Global News

Olympics: Tokyo hosts opening ceremony of delayed 2020 Games

Dodany: 23 lipca 2021

Due to Coronavirus, a subdued ceremony launches the much-postponed Olympics. Fewer than 1000 invited guests and no spectators are inside the huge main stadium. Also, President Xi Jinping makes...

US imposes sanctions on Cuban officials after protest crackdown

Dodany: 23 lipca 2021

President Biden has been under pressure to respond to anti-regime protests. Also: the Senate in the Czech Republic has approved a plan to compensate Roma women who were forcibly sterilised, and...

Olympics ceremony boss sacked over Holocaust joke

Dodany: 22 lipca 2021

The decision to remove Kentaro Kobayashi comes just a day before the opening show is due to be held. It’s the latest scandal to hit the Tokyo Games. Also: Famine stalks Angola as the worst drought...

US life expectancy suffers steepest drop in decades

Dodany: 22 lipca 2021

Life expectancy in the US has suffered its sharpest fall since the second world war; Chinese scientists say global warming has made China's annual flood season much more dangerous; and a gold...

China Floods: 16 dead and many thousands evacuated

Dodany: 21 lipca 2021

Record-breaking rainfall has brought deaths and chaos in China's Henan province. More than a dozen cities have been affected by the floods. Also, Nigeria secures release of 100 kidnapped women and...

Severe Floods hit China's Henan Province.

Dodany: 21 lipca 2021

There have been severe floods in the central Chinese province of Henan with dramatic images of passengers in flooded subway trains; The US warns that the world can't wait for the pandemic to end...

India's Covid death rate much higher than official count, says report

Dodany: 20 lipca 2021

The US-based Centre for Global Development says the figure could be ten times as high. Also: migrants in Belgium on hunger strike, and why Israel is threatening consequences for Ben & Jerry's.

China accused of Cyber-Attack on Microsoft.

Dodany: 20 lipca 2021

The US and European countries say a huge cyber attack earlier this year came from China; In Germany - police say dozens of people are still missing following deadly floods last week; and a family...

UK government lifts coronavirus restrictions in England despite surge

Dodany: 19 lipca 2021

It's confident rules on mask wearing and social distancing won't be reintroduced. Also: Australian government scientists have said the outlook for the Great Barrier Reef remains "very poor" despite...

In Tokyo, a growing number of Olympic athletes and officials test Covid-positive

Dodany: 19 lipca 2021

The Tokyo Olympics is hit by a spate of coronavirus cases. Also: Mrs Merkel visits areas of western Germany affected by flooding, and the Vespa scooter celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Afghanistan: Peace talks resume with Taliban

Dodany: 18 lipca 2021

Officials sound optimistic after the first round of negotiations, but the Taliban says it’s confident it can still win on the battlefield. Also, rescue workers in Germany race to find survivors...

Floodwaters begin to recede in northwestern Europe

Dodany: 17 lipca 2021

Rescue workers struggle to reach survivors of the devastating floods with authorities in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands trying to take stock of the catastrophic damage. Also, rights groups...

Europe floods: At least 120 dead and hundreds more missing

Dodany: 16 lipca 2021

Northern Europe hit by some of the worst flooding in decades after record rainfall. Germany and Belgium are worst-affected, and European leaders have called for action on climate-change. Also, how...

Floods in western Europe kill more than 60

Dodany: 16 lipca 2021

Thousands of others in Germany and Belgium are forced to evacuate. Also: in Canada leaders of an indigenous nation call on the government to release residential school attendance records to help...

Afghan Taliban offer a conditional ceasefire

Dodany: 15 lipca 2021

It's unclear how the Afghan government will respond - as some say a previous release of Taliban detainees last year has fuelled violence. Dutch crime reporter de Vries dies from shooting. Britney...

EU Unveils Sweeping Climate Change Plans

Dodany: 15 lipca 2021

European Commission announces radical plans to cut carbon emissions over next decade; King of the Zulu nation says recent rioting and looting in South Africa shames the whole country; Rare...

Syria: Islamic State children who face lifetime in prison

Dodany: 14 lipca 2021

Plight of thousands of foreign children of IS members in Syrian camps and jails. Kurdish authorities who run these facilities say IS cells are recruiting and radicalising children as young as...

South Africa riots: Death toll rises in violent unrest

Dodany: 14 lipca 2021

More than seventy people are now known to have died in disturbances sparked by the jailing of Jacob Zuma. Also, President Biden says changes to voting rights in some states pose a threat to US...

Google issued massive fine by French regulator

Dodany: 13 lipca 2021

The fine is the latest skirmish in a global copyright battle between tech firms and news organisations. Iraq hospital fire: Protests as Covid ward blaze kills more than 60. Texas Democrats flee...

Dozens held after Cuban anti-government protests

Dodany: 13 lipca 2021

Thousands rallied on Sunday, angry at Cuba's economic crisis and curbs on civil liberties. Also: South Africa deploys military to tackle Zuma riots, and Iran has unveiled a dating app said to...