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The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

The Skeptics Guide #875 - Apr 16 2022

Dodany: 16 kwietnia 2022

Live from Boston with guest George Hrab; Over-Under; News Items: CRISPR-On, Achromatic X-Ray Lens, Pareidolia and Gender, Cleaning Solar Panels, Public Media and Democracy; Science or Fiction

The Skeptics Guide #874 - Apr 9 2022

Dodany: 9 kwietnia 2022

Interview with NASA Biologist John Kiss; News Items: Life on Europa, Ancient Skull Surgery, Artemis Stuck, Most Distant Star, Fake News; Who's That Noisy; Your Questions and E-mails: Evolution and...

The Skeptics Guide #873 - Apr 2 2022

Dodany: 2 kwietnia 2022

Guest Rogue Andrea Jones Roy; Special Report: Political Science of War; News Items: Transgenic Plants in Space, Homeopathy Trials and Publication Bias, Psychedelic Treatments, Anti-Universe,...

The Skeptics Guide #872 - Mar 26 2022

Dodany: 26 marca 2022

Daylight Saving Time; News Items: SLS is here, COVID Brain, Origins of Life, Orbiting Solar Power, Antarctic Heat Wave; Who's That Noisy; Name That Logical Fallacy; Science or Fiction

The Skeptics Guide #871 - Mar 19 2022

Dodany: 19 marca 2022

Interview with Michelle Ciulla Lipkin from the National Association for Media Literacy Education; News Items: Why Is Life Symmetrical, Evolution of Language, Moon Rocks, Plasma Laser Lens,...

The Skeptics Guide #870 - Mar 12 2022

Dodany: 12 marca 2022

Guest Rogue, Brian Wecht; News Items: Solid State Batteries, Are Coronal Loops Real, COVID Anosmia, Alcohol and the Brain; Special Report: Update on String Theory; Quickie with Bob: Bacteria...

The Skeptics Guide #869 - Mar 5 2022

Dodany: 5 marca 2022

Special Report: Ukraine; News Items: Quantum Gravity Gradiometer, Sea Level Rise, NASA Innovative Projects, Biological Sex; Who's That Noisy; Science or Fiction

The Skeptics Guide #868 - Feb 26 2022

Dodany: 26 lutego 2022

News Items: Hot Jupiters, Jumping To Conclusions, Nanoparticles to Stop Internal Bleeding, Internet 2035; Quickie with Bob: Plasma Physics; Who's That Noisy; Your Questions and E-mails: Bird...

The Skeptics Guide #867 - Feb 19 2022

Dodany: 19 lutego 2022

First Scientists; News Items: Psyche May Not Be The Iron Giant, Planet Around White Dwarf, Falling Birds, HIV Cure; Who's That Noisy; Your Questions and E-mails: Girt; Name That Logical Fallacy;...

The Skeptics Guide #866 - Feb 12 2022

Dodany: 12 lutego 2022

Quotation Rotation; News Items: Treating Spinal Cord Injury, Artificial Enamel, Laser Thermal Propulsion, Chimps Self-Medicating; Who's That Noisy; Your Questions and E-mails: De-Extinction;...

The Skeptics Guide #865 - Feb 5 2022

Dodany: 5 lutego 2022

Quickie with Bob - Scientists Invent Flubber; News Items: Machine Learning and Mental Health, Hardy Tardigrades, DNA Microfossils, Belief in the Paranormal and Credibility, Tesla Robots; Who's That...

The Skeptics Guide #864 - Jan 29 2022

Dodany: 29 stycznia 2022

What's the Word: Allopatric; News Items: Carbon Signatures on Mars, Schoolkids and Conspiracy Theories, Peter Jackson Uses AI to Restore Beatles, Human Remains Locator; Who's That Noisy; Your...

The Skeptics Guide #863 - Jan 22 2022

Dodany: 22 stycznia 2022

Interview with Brad McKay, Special Segment: 5G and Airlines; News Items: Origins of Life, Zombie Science, Silent as an Owl, Evolution of Flowering Plants; Who's That Noisy; Name That Logical...

The Skeptics Guide #862 - Jan 15 2022

Dodany: 15 stycznia 2022

News Items: Pig Heart Transplant, Managing the Next Pandemic, Bogus Hangover Cures, James Webb Telescope Update, Battlefield Acupuncture; Who's That Noisy; Your Questions and E-mails: Does Smelling...

The Skeptics Guide #861 - Jan 8 2022

Dodany: 8 stycznia 2022

Predictions for 2021 and 2022; News Items: Space Highlights for 2022, Education and the Aging Brain, Ramjet Physics, Elizabeth Holmes Guilty Verdict; Who's That Noisy; Your Questions and E-mails:...

The Skeptics Guide #860 - Jan 1 2022

Dodany: 1 stycznia 2022

2021 Year-End Review Show; Best Science of the Year; Pseudoscience of the Year; Best SGU Segments; Skeptical Heroes and Jackasses of 2021; In Memoriam; Science or Fiction

The Skeptics Guide #859 - Dec 25 2021

Dodany: 25 grudnia 2021

Live from Fort Collins; Discussion: End of Civilization; News Items: Nuclear on the Moon, What Launched Video Games, Assholes More Likely to be Wrong, Vaccine Detox; The Rogues Answer Psychology...

The Skeptics Guide #858 - Dec 18 2021

Dodany: 18 grudnia 2021

What's The Word: Substrate; News Items: Storing Energy with Air and Water, Zoom Fatigue, Challenging Einstein, Webb Launching; Who's That Noisy; Name That Logical Fallacy; Science or Fiction

The Skeptics Guide #857 - Dec 11 2021

Dodany: 11 grudnia 2021

Holiday Pseudoscience Guide; News Items: Treating the Unvaccinated, DNA Data Storage, MLM Exploiting Women, Binge Watching, Asteroid Monitoring; Who's That Noisy; Name That Quote; Your Questions...

The Skeptics Guide #856 - Dec 4 2021

Dodany: 4 grudnia 2021

COVID Update: Omicron; Myths about Black Widow Spiders; News Items: Sentient Cephalopods, Self Replicating Xenobots, Pharmacists Recommending Homeopathy; Who's That Noisy; Your Questions and...