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Diet Science

Promising Herbal Remedy for Fatty Liver Disease

Dodany: 24 listopada 2019

Fatty liver is mainly a diet-related disease, and is emerging as the most prevalent form of chronic liver disease in the world.  Listen in this week as Dee discusses the powerful liver healing...

Crazy Insomnia?? It Could be a Lack of GABA

Dodany: 16 listopada 2019 - Średnia ocen: 5

If you’re having trouble catching z’s, you’ve probably got insomnia.  And if you’ve got insomnia, chances are your brain may not be making enough GABA.  Listen in as Dee shares the good news - that...

Focus on Fish Oil for ADHD

Dodany: 10 listopada 2019

In recent years, scientists have learned that two of the most crucial fatty acids responsible for optimal functioning of the brain. Listen in as Dee talks about those fatty acids and the studies...

The Power of Parsley

Dodany: 3 listopada 2019 - Średnia ocen: 5

Parsley is probably the best known and widely used herb, yet its many health protective properties are often ignored in its popular role as a plate garnish. Listen in this week as Dee discuss the...

What is Gluten? Should You Avoid it?

Dodany: 13 października 2019

With so many people going gluten-free in the last decade, have you wondered whether you should too?  Listen in this week as Dee explains what gluten is and how if may affect you. Link to Organic...

Beyond Burger vs. Impossible Burger: What's the Difference?

Dodany: 7 października 2019

Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are two companies that make meatless burgers that can be cooked on a grill and come close to tasting like a beef burger.  But are these plant-based patties any...

Should You "Swerve" Away From this Sweetener, or Not?

Dodany: 9 września 2019

What is "Swerve" made from?  Is it a safe alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners?   Listen in this week as Dee discusses the ingredients in Swerve, and how it's produced. Link to Stevia

Are Sweet Potatoes and Yams the Same or Different?

Dodany: 1 września 2019

Some people call them "yams", others call them "sweet potatoes".  Listen in this week as Dee discusses what a "yam" really is and why it may be important to know the difference.

Cacao vs. Cocoa: What's the Difference?

Dodany: 25 sierpnia 2019

If you're excited about all of dark chocolate's health benefits, are you aware that most studies are done using cacao bean, not cocoa beans?  Listen in this week as Dee discusses the difference...

Why Wearing Sunglasses May be Harmful, Not Helpful, to Your Health

Dodany: 18 sierpnia 2019 - Średnia ocen: 4

Did you know that exposing your eyes to natural light from the sun is a good thing? Listen in this week as Dee discusses why your eyes need the sun's light for overall body health.

Is Whole Body Vibration the New Wave to Better Health?

Dodany: 14 lipca 2019 - Średnia ocen: 5

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) involves standing on a vibrating platform to stimulate muscle contraction much better than other types of exercise. Listen in this week as Dee discusses the science...

Is Chicken Really a Better Choice than Beef for Lowering Heart Disease Risk?

Dodany: 7 lipca 2019

Americans jumped on the white meat over red meat bandwagon over 35 years ago in an effort to lower cholesterol and heart disease risk.  But is white meat any better for your health in this regard? ...

Is Rebaudioside M (Reb M) the New Wave for Stevia Lovers?

Dodany: 23 czerwca 2019

Do you remember when Reb A was all the rage for unwitting stevia lovers?  Now it has to compete with Reb M, a new iteration of stevia-derived compounds being used in food products.  Listen in this...

Crush Sugar Cravings with an Ancient Herb

Dodany: 17 czerwca 2019 - Średnia ocen: 4,5

Popularly known as “destroyer of sugar,” an ancient herb has long been used in Eastern Indian medicine for its ability to temporarily suppress the taste of sweet.  Listen in this week as Dee...

Can Autism be Cured with Poop?

Dodany: 27 maja 2019

A new study shows a 45% reduction of the core autism symptoms in children two years after a fecal transplant.  Listen in this week as Dee talks about this exciting research. Link to Article Link to...

New Study Shows Not All Calories are Equal

Dodany: 19 maja 2019

A new small scale study of 20 adult volunteers is the first randomized controlled trial to examine the effects of processed foods.  Listen in this week as Dee explains the methodology of the study...

Can You Get Dietary Iron from Cooking in a Cast Iron Skillet?

Dodany: 13 maja 2019

The answer is....it depends. Not all foods can absorb iron from cast-iron skillets, and not all cast-iron skillets release iron.  Listen in this week as Dee explains which foods and skillets work...

The Alkaline Diet for Improved Health and Balanced Hormones

Dodany: 6 maja 2019 - Średnia ocen: 5

Does balancing your pH have an effect on hormone balance?  Listen in this week as Dee explains how alkaline forming minerals are involved in hormone production, and which foods are your best...

A Pill-Based Medical Fiber Gets FDA Approval for Weight Loss

Dodany: 28 kwietnia 2019

Boston biotech company Gelesis has received FDA approval to market a lab-created fiber to help people feel more full, leading to weight loss. Listen in this week as Dee explains how this "new"...

A Promising Project to Heal Drug Addiction

Dodany: 9 kwietnia 2019

Can growing organic vegetables save lives?  Listen in this week as Dee shares the Diet Science Podcast mic with a naturopathic doctor who is working to change the way our country deals with teenage...