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60-Second Earth

Insurance for Global Catastrophes, Whether Asteroids or Climate Change

Dodany: 20 lutego 2013

Spend a little more time observing meteors or combating climate change, spend a little less time worrying about global catastrophes. David Biello reports -- Read more on

Roses Raise Environment Concerns

Dodany: 10 lutego 2013

From water use to carbon emissions, raising and distributing roses has an environmental impact worse than many other crops. David Biello reports -- Read more on

Earthworm Invaders Up Soil Greenhouse Gases

Dodany: 4 lutego 2013

The earthworm invasion of North America is increasing carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions from the soil. David Biello reports -- Read more on

Communication Towers Pluck Birds

Dodany: 30 stycznia 2013

Almost seven million birds are killed each year when they fly into communication towers. David Biello reports -- Read more on

Obama Pledges to Address Climate, Energy

Dodany: 22 stycznia 2013

In his second inaugural address, Pres. Barack Obama said the U.S. must respond to the threat of climate change and lead the development of sustainable energy -- Read more on

Electric Cars Need a New Sound

Dodany: 14 stycznia 2013

Federal guidelines will dictate that electric vehicles start making more noise at low speeds. David Biello reports -- Read more on

Oil Harvesting Goes to Extremes

Dodany: 6 stycznia 2013

The grounding of a drilling rig in Arctic waters illustrates the risks of pushing the boundaries of oil exploration and recovery. David Biello reports -- Read more on

We Look Back Earthily at 2012

Dodany: 30 grudnia 2012

Superstorms, electric cars, alternative fuels and Arctic sea ice all made environmental news in 2012. David Biello reports -- Read more on

Maya Civilization Provides a Real Apocalyptic Lesson

Dodany: 23 grudnia 2012

Research shows that what laid low Mayan society was climate change, which brought prolonged drought. David Biello reports -- Read more on

Leaked Report Confirms Human-Induced Climate Change

Dodany: 16 grudnia 2012

The world is on track for warming of at least 2 degrees Celsius, according to a leaked draft of the next IPCC report. David Biello reports -- Read more on

Trouble and Toil Has Not Slowed the Boil

Dodany: 9 grudnia 2012

As climate change negotiations drag on, greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, fulfilling scientists' predictions. David Biello reports -- Read more on

Sunlit Nanoparticles Turn Water to Steam

Dodany: 2 grudnia 2012

Heated grains of coated sand turn water to steam without having to boil the whole pot. David Biello reports -- Read more on

What to Expect from Climate Negotiations

Dodany: 25 listopada 2012

As the world gathers in Doha, is progress being made in reducing greenhouse gas pollution? David Biello reports -- Read more on

Advanced Biofuels Hope to Change the Climate for Transportation

Dodany: 18 listopada 2012

Fuel from algae is being sold in California, a first step toward a future of advanced biofuels. David Biello reports -- Read more on

Global Warming Means Culture Change

Dodany: 11 listopada 2012

Climate isn't the only thing global warming will change. David Biello reports -- Read more on

Who Were the Greenest Presidents?

Dodany: 5 listopada 2012

A survey of environmental groups finds that Teddy Roosevelt was the president with the highest environmental cred, followed by Richard Nixon. David Biello reports -- Read more on...

What Does It Take to Make a "Frankenstorm"?

Dodany: 27 października 2012

The U.S. east coast is enduring what's been dubbed a "Frankenstorm" for its combination of multiple different types of weather systems. David Biello reports -- Read more on

Human Thirst Makes Earth Quake

Dodany: 21 października 2012

Man-made earthquakes are a real and growing phenomenon. David Biello reports -- Read more on

Can the City That Never Sleeps Forgo Nuclear Power?

Dodany: 14 października 2012

The bright lights of the big city currently rely on fission, but a new study suggests efficiency and renewables could do the job instead. David Biello reports -- Read more on

How the Great Barrier Reef Is Disappearing Right before Our Eyes

Dodany: 7 października 2012

A new analysis reveals that coral cover on the world's largest biological construct has declined by more than 50 percent since 1985. David Biello reports -- Read more on