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60-Second Psych

Up Your Online Dating Game With Evidence-Based Strategies

Dodany: 14 lutego 2015 - Średnia ocen: 2,6

Choosing a username starting with an early alphabet letter is just one scientifically vetted way to increase the odds of turning an online encounter into a first date. Christopher Intagliata...

Junk Diet Rewires Rat Brains

Dodany: 7 lutego 2015 - Średnia ocen: 5

High calorie and exceedingly pleasurable foods appear to change rat brain rewards circuitry, causing the rodents to continue to seek such fare. Erika Beras reports. -- Read more on...

High Price Tag On Meds May Boost Healing

Dodany: 31 stycznia 2015 - Średnia ocen: 5

Parkinson’s patients derived more benefits from a salt solution they were told was an expensive drug than from the same solution when it was described as being cheap medication. Karen Hopkin... --...

Publication Bias May Boost Findings For Bilingual Brain Benefits

Dodany: 31 grudnia 2014

Of studies presented at conferences, those that found a cognitive benefit to bilingualism were almost twice as likely to get published in journals as were studies finding no benefit. Karen...

Inclusion Illusion Lessens Racial Bias

Dodany: 20 grudnia 2014

Implicit bias against another race lessened after volunteers experienced themselves via virtual reality as a member of that race. Karen Hopkin reports. -- Read more on

Blood Test Forecasts Concussion Severity

Dodany: 16 grudnia 2014

Levels of a protein fragment in the blood paralleled how long head injuries benched hockey players. Ingrid Wickelgren reports. -- Read more on

Bouncy Gait Improves Mood

Dodany: 9 grudnia 2014

If you're in an up mood, you may walk more energetically. But a study finds that purposefully walking more energetically may improve your mood. Christie Nicholson reports. -- Read more on...

Synchronized Walking Reduces Opponent's Perceived Size

Dodany: 9 listopada 2014

Subjects who kept pace with a walking colleague estimated a potential enemy to be smaller and lighter than did other walkers who were not marching. Karen Hopkin reports -- Read more on...

Big Parental Control May Stunt Kid Assertiveness

Dodany: 3 listopada 2014

Young adults who’d had highly controlling parents were less able to stress their own viewpoints to a friend or partner in confident and productive ways. Daisy Yuhas reports -- Read more on...

Lots or Little Sleep Linked to Sick Days

Dodany: 29 września 2014 - Średnia ocen: 4

Absence from work due to illness increased dramatically for those who slept less than six hours or more than nine hours per night. Christie Nicholson reports -- Read more on

Can’t Take My Eyes off You—Your Face, That Is

Dodany: 6 września 2014

The direction of your gaze when looking at someone offers an unconscious, automatic giveaway of whether your initial reaction is romance or sex. Christie Nicholson reports -- Read more on...

Talking to Strangers Makes You Happy

Dodany: 31 sierpnia 2014

People who had to strike up conversations on a subway later reported feeling happier than those who didn’t. Christie Nicholson reports. -- Read more on

People Think Experiences Bring Happiness, Still Opt For Things

Dodany: 24 sierpnia 2014

Survey subjects rated life experiences as making them happier and as a better use of money than buying objects. But they actually spent their cash on material goods, whose value is more easily... ...

Childhood Stress Decreases Size of Brain Regions

Dodany: 16 sierpnia 2014

Chidren who experience neglect, abuse and/or poverty can have smaller amygalas and hippocampuses, brain regions involved in emotion and memory, compared with kids raised in nurturing...

Even Monkeys Believe In Hot Streaks

Dodany: 12 sierpnia 2014

Monkeys trained to play fixed video games made moves indicating that they expected certain patterns to occur. Erika Beras reports -- Read more on

Brain State Bread Crumbs Lead Way Back to Consciousness

Dodany: 29 lipca 2014 - Średnia ocen: 1

Researchers studying anesthetized rats discovered a handful of activity patterns that may mark the path to consciousness after anesthesia. Karen Hopkin reports -- Read more on...

Biggest Telescope Breaks Ground To Survey Space

Dodany: 24 czerwca 2014

The European Southern Observatory broke ground June 19th to build the world's largest telescope atop the Cerro Armazones mountain in Chile. Clara Moskowitz reports. -- Read more on...

Body's Pain Perception Mapped for First Time

Dodany: 23 czerwca 2014

Our ability to pinpoint pain varies across the body, and in a specific pattern. Christie Nicholson reports -- Read more on

Vision Involves a Bit of Hearing, Too

Dodany: 2 czerwca 2014

Researchers could tell what sounds blindfolded volunters were hearing by analyzing activity in their visual cortexes. Christie Nicholson reports -- Read more on

Parents Who Support Corporal Punishment Do It a Lot

Dodany: 22 maja 2014

Thirty-three families allowed themselves to be recorded for up to six nights. Parents who said they supported corporal punishment did it often and with little provocation. Christie Nicholson... --...