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woman rzeczownik

rzeczownik + woman
Kolokacji: 106
peasant woman • career woman • village woman • cleaning woman • class woman • woman of one's time • Yoga Will Woman • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 35
2. career woman = kobieta robiąca karierę career woman
3. village woman = miejscowa kobieta village woman
4. cleaning woman = sprzątaczka cleaning woman
6. woman of one's time = kobieta z czyjś czas woman of one's time
7. Yoga Will Woman = Joga chcieć Kobiety Yoga Will Woman
8. slave woman = niewolnicza kobieta slave woman
9. Spider Woman = Pająk Kobieta Spider Woman
10. business woman = biznesowa kobieta business woman
11. mystery woman = tajemnicza kobieta mystery woman
12. Brooklyn woman = Brooklyn kobieta Brooklyn woman
  • Eventually, he took up with a wealthy white Brooklyn woman.
  • A 5-year-old girl and a Brooklyn woman were killed in separate house fires early yesterday, the police said.
  • Another of the hospitalized victims, however, an 87-year-old Brooklyn woman, has been in critical condition for more than a week, health officials have said.
  • So during the night a Brooklyn woman took her 6-month-old daughter to the living room so the baby could get some rest.
  • A 19-year-old Brooklyn woman was charged yesterday with stabbing her 2-year-old daughter to death.
  • A Brooklyn woman was arrested early yesterday in the stabbing death of her husband, the police said.
  • The police have identified the man who they said shot and killed a 66-year-old Brooklyn woman as she was returning from church last week.
  • "My ex got caught up in it," said a Brooklyn woman who is going through a divorce and asked that her name not be used.
  • The law was passed in the last legislative session, before the attack on the Brooklyn woman.
  • A 22-year-old Brooklyn woman delivered her own baby yesterday morning, following instructions provided by technician.
13. way woman = droga kobieta way woman
14. woman of one's family = kobieta z czyjś rodzina woman of one's family
15. University Woman = Kobieta uniwersytecka University Woman
17. Wonder Woman = Cudowna Kobieta Wonder Woman
19. men woman = mężczyźni kobieta men woman
20. New York woman = Nowy Jork kobieta New York woman
22. woman of color = kobieta koloru woman of color
23. society woman = kobieta światowa society woman
25. woman of one's generation = kobieta z czyjś generacja woman of one's generation
26. woman of one's dreams = kobieta z czyjś sny woman of one's dreams
27. college woman = kobieta college'u college woman
29. kind woman = rodzaj kobieta kind woman
30. Manhattan woman = Manhattan kobieta Manhattan woman
31. warrior woman = wojownik kobieta warrior woman
32. California woman = Kalifornia kobieta California woman
34. pioneer woman = kobieta pionierska pioneer woman
35. woman of one's race = kobieta z czyjś wyścig woman of one's race
woman + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 103
women writer • women artist • Women Voter • woman friend • women member • women worker • women student • woman president • ...
woman + czasownik
Kolokacji: 831
woman wears • woman sits • woman tends • woman screams • woman experiences • woman complains • woman seeks • ...
czasownik + woman
Kolokacji: 332
woman named • woman dressed • exclude women • educate women • treat women • affect women • woman seated • recruit women • ...
przymiotnik + woman
Kolokacji: 973
young woman • old woman • pregnant woman • beautiful woman • black woman • elderly woman • white woman • married woman • ...
przyimek + woman
Kolokacji: 47
among women • against women • towards women • toward women • for women • ...

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