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wildlife rzeczownik

rzeczownik + wildlife
Kolokacji: 4
Thames estuary wildlife • ocean wildlife • BBC Wildlife • nuisance wildlife
wildlife + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 94
Wildlife Service • wildlife refuge • wildlife habitat • wildlife sanctuary • wildlife conservation • wildlife biologist • World Wildlife Fund • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 22
  • Lawyers for the wildlife service said they could not do that.
  • Last year, 41 were killed by the wildlife service in Wyoming.
  • A spokesman for the wildlife service said it had never received such a proposal.
  • David Olsen, an assistant director of the wildlife service, said a review was under way to see whether the management system should be changed.
  • The wildlife service said one to three acres of marsh disappear each year.
  • The wildlife service has been caught in the middle, along with 250 species awaiting consideration for protection.
  • The wildlife service will be soliciting public comments on the release before making a final decision.
  • A good deal of money should become available now that the Wildlife Service controls its own budget.
  • Though 15 camp scouts have been trained by the wildlife service, they remain idle, he said.
  • Parks and Wildlife Service, includes only the base set above.
3. wildlife habitat = siedlisko fauny i flory wildlife habitat
6. wildlife biologist = biolog zajmujący się badaniem dzikiej przyrody wildlife biologist
7. World Wildlife Fund = WWF, Światowy Fundusz na rzecz Przyrody (organizacja ekologiczna) World Wildlife Fund
8. Wildlife Conservation Society = Ochrona przyrody Społeczeństwo Wildlife Conservation Society
9. Wildlife Trust = Fauna i flora Zaufanie Wildlife Trust
10. wildlife management = zarządzanie fauną i florą wildlife management
13. wildlife area = strefa ochrony dzikiej przyrody wildlife area
14. wildlife park = rezerwat przyrody wildlife park
15. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge = Arktyka Krajowa Fauna i Flora Schronienie Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
16. National Wildlife Federation = Krajowa Fauna i Flora Federacja National Wildlife Federation
17. wildlife viewing = fauna i flora zwiedzanie wildlife viewing
18. wildlife official = urzędnik fauny i flory wildlife official
19. wildlife population = populacja fauny i flory wildlife population
20. wildlife expert = specjalista fauny i flory wildlife expert
wildlife + czasownik
Kolokacji: 7
Wildlife includes • wildlife preserves • Wildlife abounds • wildlife watching • wildlife consists • ...
czasownik + wildlife
Kolokacji: 22
protect wildlife • see wildlife • observe wildlife • preserve wildlife • attract wildlife • ...
przymiotnik + wildlife
Kolokacji: 22
local wildlife • native wildlife • abundant wildlife • marine wildlife • diverse wildlife • ...
przyimek + wildlife
Kolokacji: 10
for wildlife • of wildlife • to wildlife • on wildlife • with wildlife • ...

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