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western przymiotnik

western + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 766
Western country • Western diplomat • Western world • western edge • Western Front • Western Hemisphere • Western culture • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
4. western edge = zachodni brzeg western edge
8. western terminus = zachodni stacja końcowa western terminus
10. western coast = zachodnie wybrzeże western coast
18. western suburb = zachodnia dzielnica podmiejska western suburb
19. western half = zachodnia połowa western half
28. western Pacific = zachodni Ocean Spokojny western Pacific
29. western Canada = zachodnia Kanada western Canada
33. Western leader = Zachodni przywódca Western leader
34. western Pennsylvania = zachodnia Pensylwania western Pennsylvania
39. western wall = zachodnia ściana western wall
46. western flank = zachodni bok western flank
48. western Massachusetts = zachodni Massachusetts western Massachusetts
51. western part = zachodnia część western part
52. western side = zachodnia strona western side
56. western bank = zachodni bank western bank
58. western India = zachodnie Indie western India
60. Western aid = Zachodnia pomoc Western aid
62. western end = zachodni koniec western end
63. western Estonia = zachodnia Estonia western Estonia
64. western town = zachodnie miasto western town
65. western China = zachodnie Chiny western China
67. western France = zachodnia Francja western France
  • The four lines then enter together at the western approach to the station.
  • Within this Western approach there is no room for informal learning.
  • Work on the western approaches was estimated at $2.3 million.
  • Although we've had success, we think they're still focusing on the western approach to the target.
  • He was leading an attack on a gun position defending the western approach to the town.
  • Taking its place is an increasingly Western approach in which companies are under pressure to think first about their shareholders.
  • There is a small industrial estate near the western approach to the village.
  • We are taking heavy fire from the western approach.
  • There has also been a move to a more Western approach to qin music.
  • The monument was installed along the western approach to the bridge.
73. western city = zachodnie miasto western city
76. western county = zachodnie hrabstwo western county
77. Western expert = Zachodni specjalista Western expert
79. western tip = zachodni czubek western tip
81. Western audience = Zachodnia publiczność Western audience
83. western Africa = zachodnia Afryka western Africa
88. Western force = Zachodnia siła Western force
90. western outskirts = zachodnie peryferie western outskirts
91. western Atlantic = zachodni Atlantyk western Atlantic
94. western Nepal = zachodni Nepal western Nepal
95. western Asia = zachodnia Azja western Asia
97. western line = zachodnia linia western line
98. Western idea = Zachodni pomysł Western idea
100. western sea = zachodnie morze western sea
kolokacje pogrupowane znaczeniowo
Grup znaczeniowych: 113
przysłówek + western
Kolokacji: 3
most western • distinctly western • uniquely western

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