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way rzeczownik

rzeczownik + way
Kolokacji: 42
House Way • part way • way of thinking • way of life • way of living • ...
way + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 43
way thing • way station • way people • Ways Means Committee • way west • Milky Way galaxy • way man • way home • way life • ...
way + czasownik
Kolokacji: 202
way leads • way seems • way changes • way makes • way gives • way leaves • way reduces • way works • way improves • way helps • ...
czasownik + way
Kolokacji: 506
give way • part ways • explore ways • suggest ways • examine ways • develop ways • identify ways • seek ways • discuss ways • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
1. give way = ustępować pierwszeństwa (na drodze) give way
2. part ways = drogi części part ways
3. explore ways = zbadaj sposoby explore ways
4. suggest ways = przywiedź na myśl drogi suggest ways
5. examine ways = analizuj sposoby examine ways
7. identify ways = zidentyfikuj drogi identify ways
  • A person who helps to identify ways that people can save energy in their homes.
  • Its goal: to identify innovative ways to pay for the project.
  • An Association was formed in 1998 to identify ways of providing much needed local facilities.
  • Part of this plan includes identifying ways for you to manage your pain.
  • We've identified ways of making sure attention is on the issues that really matter.
  • He also identified ways to reduce costs at the depot and with the infrastructure.
  • Officials at the fund granted large benefits without identifying ways to pay the additional costs.
  • We have, however, also been able to identify possible ways forward and believe that all of them can be resolved.
  • Start identifying ways to get the support you will need.
  • An insurance broker will be able to help you identify ways of managing your risk.
9. discuss ways = przedyskutuj sposoby discuss ways
10. study ways = drogi naukowe study ways
11. consider ways = uważaj drogi consider ways
13. work one's way = podążać gdzieś (z trudem), dążyć do czegoś (z wysiłkiem) work one's way
15. fight one's way = przepychać się, przedzierać się fight one's way
16. force one's way = przepychać się siłą force one's way
17. push one's way = przepychaj się push one's way
19. pick one's way = chodzić ostrożnie, ostrożnie stawiać kroki pick one's way
22. pay one's way = płacić za siebie pay one's way
23. go on one's way = rusz w drogę go on one's way
24. pass on one's way = przechodzić czyjś droga pass on one's way
25. wind one's way = wiatr czyjś droga wind one's way
26. put in one's way = zawijać czyjś droga put in one's way
27. cut one's way = wyrąbywać sobie drogę, przekopywać sobie drogę cut one's way
28. continue on one's way = rusz dalej w drogę continue on one's way
29. send on one's way = posyłać przodem czyjś droga send on one's way
31. send one's way = wysyłać czyjś droga send one's way
32. buy one's way = wkupiać się, wkupić się buy one's way
33. weave one's way = tkać czyjś droga weave one's way
34. eat one's way = jeść czyjś droga eat one's way
35. ease one's way = łagodzić czyjś droga ease one's way
36. win one's way = wygrywać czyjś droga win one's way
37. work up one's way = praca w górę czyjś droga work up one's way
38. see on one's way = oglądać czyjś droga see on one's way
39. light one's way = światło czyjś droga light one's way
40. get on one's way = kontynuować czyjś droga get on one's way
41. set in one's ways = zatwardziały, o wyrobionych poglądach set in one's ways
43. earn one's way = zarabiać czyjś droga earn one's way
44. shoot one's way = strzelać czyjś droga shoot one's way
45. deal in a way = umowa w pewnym sensie deal in a way
47. burn one's way = palić czyjś droga burn one's way
48. try in one's way = próbować w czyjś droga try in one's way
49. shove one's way = popychać czyjś droga shove one's way
50. way connected = droga połączyła way connected
51. bring in a way = przynieś w pewnym sensie bring in a way
52. protect in a way = chroń w pewnym sensie protect in a way
54. blast one's way = podmuch czyjś droga blast one's way
55. break one's way = rozbijać czyjś droga break one's way
56. throw one's way = rzut czyjś droga throw one's way
57. battle one's way = bitwa czyjś droga battle one's way
58. get out of the way = usunąć się z drogi, zejść z drogi get out of the way
62. stay out of one's way = być poza domem z czyjś droga stay out of one's way
65. say on one's way = mówić na czyjś droga say on one's way
66. place in one's way = miejsce w czyjś droga place in one's way
68. negotiate one's way = negocjować czyjś droga negotiate one's way
69. take on one's way = przyjmować czyjś droga take on one's way
70. adopt ways = przyjmij drogi adopt ways
72. continue in a way = kontynuuj w pewnym sensie continue in a way
73. dig one's way = wykopywać czyjś droga dig one's way
74. represent in a way = reprezentuj w pewnym sensie represent in a way
75. start on one's way = zaczynać czyjś droga start on one's way
76. hold in a way = trzymaj w pewnym sensie hold in a way
78. include ways = obejmuj drogi include ways
79. manifest in ways = manifest ładunkowy w drogach manifest in ways
80. dance one's way = taniec czyjś droga dance one's way
81. investigate ways = zbadaj drogi investigate ways
82. raise in a way = podnieś w pewnym sensie raise in a way
83. put another way = położony inaczej put another way
84. devise a way = zaprojektuj drogę devise a way
85. focus on ways = nacisk na drogi focus on ways
86. pull the way = wyciągnij drogę pull the way
88. provide with a way = zaopatruj w drogę provide with a way
89. sing one's way = śpiewać czyjś droga sing one's way
90. clear the way = usuwać przeszkody clear the way
91. care one way = opieka jedna droga care one way
92. help on one's way = pomoc na czyjś droga help on one's way
93. lead the way = prowadzić, wskazywać drogę lead the way
95. beat one's way = przedrzeć się beat one's way
97. admire the way = podziwiaj drogę admire the way
98. alter the way = zmień drogę alter the way
100. smash one's way = z hukiem czyjś droga smash one's way
przymiotnik + way
Kolokacji: 946
only way • long way • best way • different way • easy way • effective way • efficient way • old-fashioned way • subtle way • ...
przyimek + way
Kolokacji: 31
on one's way • that way • upon one's way • for ways • because the way • ...

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