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way rzeczownik

rzeczownik + way
Kolokacji: 42
House Way • part way • way of thinking • way of life • way of living • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 9
(3) thinking, plan
Kolokacji: 2
(4) James, story, Vulcan
Kolokacji: 3
1. Colds Flu Way = Chłody Droga przeciwgrypowa Colds Flu Way
2. Age Way = Wiek Droga Age Way
3. fashion way = modna droga fashion way
  • Since you are having the old fashion way of thinking, which is, Somalia is one country, believe me, just you are wasting time and effort, that means, you planned to fail.
  • They are still maintained and repaired the old fashion way, by placing and arranging granite stones by hand.
  • I see a return of denim done in very fashion ways.
  • But others acknowledged that checkoffs are competing not only with each other, but with countless charities that still raise money the old fashion way: they ask for it.
  • Ernest is the one who tells Eliot that as he's already fourteen, he needs a servant (in a fashion way), and then takes him to Sablier to choose between the orphans.
  • Now I'm not saying they don't have legitimate patents in things like OLED, but the company has become to much like the other patent trolls that try to make money in the new fashion instead of the old fashion way of making innovative products.
  • "It needs to be cleared off in some fashion one way or another," Quinn said.
  • Mark no longer owns or operates EverStaR Observatory and enjoys watching the stars the old fashion way.
  • From 1977, with the theme "Sunday", a 1980, when he took second place with the theme "Good, Nice and Cheap", the Island has made great fashion way, with no definitive one of the samba schools more sympathetic panel.
  • I can't afford to be spray so I usually get min the old fashion way.
4. way way = droga drogi way way
5. harms way = niszczy drogę harms way
6. muscle way = droga mięśniowa muscle way
(8) water, shorthand, elbow
Kolokacji: 3
(9) Gerard, Bancroft, Klingon
Kolokacji: 3
way + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 43
way thing • way station • way people • Ways Means Committee • way west • Milky Way galaxy • way man • way home • way life • ...
way + czasownik
Kolokacji: 202
way leads • way seems • way changes • way makes • way gives • way leaves • way reduces • way works • way improves • way helps • ...
czasownik + way
Kolokacji: 506
give way • part ways • explore ways • suggest ways • examine ways • develop ways • identify ways • seek ways • discuss ways • ...
przymiotnik + way
Kolokacji: 946
only way • long way • best way • different way • easy way • effective way • efficient way • old-fashioned way • subtle way • ...
przyimek + way
Kolokacji: 31
on one's way • that way • upon one's way • for ways • because the way • ...

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