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urgent przymiotnik

urgent + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 105
urgent need • urgent message • urgent call • urgent matter • urgent business • urgent action • urgent problem • urgent request • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 19
1. urgent need = pilna potrzeba, nagląca potrzeba urgent need
3. urgent call = nagląca rozmowa telefoniczna urgent call
  • "You have an urgent call from your office," he said in a low voice.
  • Then I picked up the phone and made two urgent calls.
  • Now, he did not answer the urgent call from the bridge.
  • An urgent call had come to my desk less than ten minutes earlier.
  • Perhaps the most urgent calls for training have been in reaction to school violence.
  • An urgent call went out to the staff to return the umbrella, no questions asked.
  • "You have an urgent call on your private line, Michael," she said.
  • She and Harry had received an urgent call at the dinner.
  • Anyone anticipating an urgent call can ask to use the land line.
  • We must make fresh urgent calls for peace and dialogue.
5. urgent matter = pilna sprawa urgent matter
6. urgent action = pilne działanie urgent action
7. urgent problem = pilny problem urgent problem
8. urgent request = usilna prośba urgent request
9. urgent voice = naglący głos urgent voice
10. urgent task = pilne zadanie urgent task
11. urgent question = naglące pytanie urgent question
12. urgent issue = pilna kwestia urgent issue
13. urgent appeal = naglący apel urgent appeal
15. urgent priority = pilny priorytet urgent priority
16. urgent meeting = pilne spotkanie urgent meeting
17. urgent tone = naglący ton urgent tone
18. urgent whisper = naglący szept urgent whisper
19. urgent concern = pilny niepokój urgent concern
czasownik + urgent
Kolokacji: 3
become urgent • grow urgent • sound urgent
przysłówek + urgent
Kolokacji: 10
most urgent • increasingly urgent • extremely urgent • particularly urgent • desperately urgent • ...
urgent + przyimek
Kolokacji: 3
urgent for • urgent in • urgent to

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