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urge czasownik

urge + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 142
urge caution • urge members • urge people • urge one's horse • urge voters • urge leaders • urge residents • urge one's men • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 31
1. urge people = ludzie pragnienia urge people
2. urge caution = ostrożność pragnienia urge caution
3. urge members = pragnienie członkowie urge members
5. urge voters = wyborcy pragnienia urge voters
6. urge leaders = przywódcy pragnienia urge leaders
7. urge residents = mieszkańcy pragnienia urge residents
8. urge one's men = pragnienie czyjś ludzie urge one's men
10. urge citizens = obywatele pragnienia urge citizens
11. urge officials = urzędnicy pragnienia urge officials
12. urge action = działanie pragnienia urge action
16. urge readers = czytelnicy pragnienia urge readers
17. urge one's supporters = pragnienie czyjś zwolennicy urge one's supporters
18. urge support = pragnienie wsparcie urge support
19. urge lawmakers = ustawodawcy pragnienia urge lawmakers
20. urge countries = kraje pragnienia urge countries
21. urge women = kobiety pragnienia urge women
  • "I now must speak out," she said, urging women not to be cowed by fear.
  • She and her colleagues have been touring the country, urging women to run for everything from school board to Congress.
  • He urged women in particular to exercise their right to vote.
  • The group was formed two months ago to produce a set of advertisements urging women to vote.
  • They urged women to aid industrial production and encouraged young men to fight.
  • She urged women planning to run along with her in what is expected to be a field of 9,000 to begin specific preparation immediately.
  • He could just urge women who have three or more children to stop at two.
  • He urged women to call it when they feel threatened.
  • Everything changed two years ago when the official sports federation began urging women to play.
  • He urged men and women he'd once commanded to keep ships away from the station; out of danger.
22. urge Americans = pragnienie Amerykanie urge Americans
23. urge parents = rodzice pragnienia urge parents
24. urge companies = spółki pragnienia urge companies
25. urge others = nakłoń innych urge others
26. urge restraint = ograniczenie pragnienia urge restraint
28. urge one's followers = pragnienie czyjś zwolennicy urge one's followers
29. urge passage = przejście pragnienia urge passage
30. urge listeners = słuchacze pragnienia urge listeners
31. urge viewers = widzowie pragnienia urge viewers
czasownik + urge
Kolokacji: 6
begin urging • write urging • keep urging • link urging • continue to urge • ...
urge + przyimek
Kolokacji: 29
urge by • urge on • urge for • urge from • urge into • ...
urge + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 29
strongly urge • repeatedly urged • publicly urge • gently urge • constantly urge • ...

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