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twist czasownik

twist + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 27
twist one's arm • twist one's head • twist one's ankle • twist one's body • twist one's face • twist one's hands • twist one's neck • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 13
2. twist one's head = skręt czyjś głowa twist one's head
3. twist one's ankle = skręcić sobie kostkę twist one's ankle
4. twist one's body = skręt czyjś ciało twist one's body
5. twist one's face = skręt czyjś twarz twist one's face
7. twist one's neck = skręt czyjś szyja twist one's neck
8. twist one's way = skręt czyjś droga twist one's way
9. twist one's wrist = skręcić sobie nadgarstek twist one's wrist
10. twist one's fingers = skręt czyjś palce twist one's fingers
11. twist one's mouth = skręt czyjś usta twist one's mouth
12. twist one's lips = skręt czyjś wargi twist one's lips
13. twist one's words = skręt czyjś słowa twist one's words
  • She goes back on stand, but once again, the defense is able to twist her words.
  • I know how they can twist your words, make something out of nothing.
  • It would be too easy for them to twist your words around.
  • "You've certainly learned to twist words since you met her."
  • A lot of people are being unfair, twisting his words.
  • He was used to twisting other people's words, not to having his own twisted.
  • "I support no one, why must you twist my words?"
  • Even in the classical language, he liked to twist words back on themselves to see what happened.
  • Jason stated he meant nothing of the sort and that everybody was twisting his own words.
  • She thought for several moments, then twisted his words in an effort to pin him down to something definite.
czasownik + twist
Kolokacji: 7
try to twist • begin twisting • begin to twist • keep twisting • try twisting • ...
twist + przyimek
Kolokacji: 37
twist into • twist around • twist up • twist off • twist through • ...
twist + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 41
twist away • twisted together • twist slightly • twist about • twist slowly • ...

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