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trophy rzeczownik

rzeczownik + trophy
Kolokacji: 60
Heisman Trophy • NatWest Trophy • Gloucester Trophy • Football League Trophy • FA Trophy • championship trophy • ICC Trophy • ...
trophy + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 24
Heisman Trophy winner • trophy wife • trophy case • trophy room • trophy winner • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 5
1. Heisman Trophy winner = Heisman Trofeum zwycięzca Heisman Trophy winner
2. trophy wife = młoda żona (jako oznaka statusu społecznego) trophy wife
3. trophy case = przypadek trofeum trophy case
4. trophy room = pokój trofeum trophy room
  • All I needed was one glance in that trophy room.
  • More than that, he was glad to have this private view of the trophy room.
  • The deputy took the box and brought back the key of the trophy room.
  • Until finally they came to what Owen immediately thought of as a trophy room.
  • Another major addition was constructed which would eventually be used as the trophy room.
  • It was located almost beneath the trophy room on the ground floor.
  • Downstairs, the sheriff led the way to the trophy room.
  • The glass cases in his trophy room are filled with the keys to 2,000 cities.
  • Mother and son had been standing near the door to the Trophy Room.
  • There are a dozen on the wall of the trophy room.
trophy + czasownik
Kolokacji: 3
trophy wins • trophy goes • trophy hangs
czasownik + trophy
Kolokacji: 20
trophy is awarded • come in the NatWest Trophy • win the trophy • make in the NatWest Trophy • trophy is presented • ...
przymiotnik + trophy
Kolokacji: 21
major trophy • European trophy • new trophy • prestigious trophy • national trophy • ...
przyimek + trophy
Kolokacji: 6
with trophies • of trophies • in the NatWest Trophy • at the Champions Trophy • for the Heisman Trophy • ...

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